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The Tonti Conection
By: A La Lansun

   (Twin Flames)

Click Blog, The Tonti Connection Parts 1-5 and The Hare - Greek Symbols of the Logos Incarnate. Then listen to our recorded Live Teleconferences.  Click Reflections of Light Audio for other recorded inspirational insights. 

I want to share an email I received from a new Canadian friend who responded to The Tonti Connection in such a beautiful way.

"You are welcome for the donation; I just wish it could have been more. ...Thanks, so much for the interpretation of the dream; it has really helped. I just wanted to share an insight from some writing which originated after meditating on your writing regarding the tonti connection.

"From my heart comes the knowing that the love shared between two wholly developed mates has the potential to be the greatest demonstration of God's love made manifest on this earth.  A stable, loving and, above all, balanced home life would provide such a wonderful environment for children, and they themselves would perpetuate this in society and in their relationships. Although this may take generations to become a fait accompli, I can see how changes that originate within the family unit and the tonti connection may be the way this is accomplished.

"I can see a possible way forward, Lansun, and I am thankful for your role in this insight."

In Love and Light,
Paula Miller
Welland, Ontario

A La Lansun

 Reflections of Light 
Wednesday, April 23 2008
How can man overcome the sense of isolation, of separation he endures, both as an individual and as a nation? How can the gaps created by language and customs differences be bridged? How can hidden motives and selfish aims stand revealed at the conference tables of the world?

There is only one way --- by thought transference. When man communicates directly with man by means of thought pictures and feelings, the hidden is revealed. The subtle nuances of feeling and intention are understood. Idiomatic words and phrases,  impossible to translate from one language to another, reveal their intention, and words cleverly designed to mask a negative intention are exposed. 

We spend billions of dollars defending ourselves against our fellowman and millions more on sophisticated communication devices. Yet, individually, understanding continues to weaken with each passing decade, and misunderstandings can reap a bitter harvest in both our personal lives and in the life of our nation.

There is no way for man to understand man unless he first makes the effort to understand himself. He has forgotten the latent intuitive ability for thought communication that is possible to his inner self.

The aura, that colorful glow surrounding our physical body, does not lie. To a trained clairvoyant, you are an open book. And to a competent telepath or clairaudient, your thoughts are what you are. They reveal your true feelings and attitudes.

Remember, you already stand naked before your God as you must one day stand before your fellowman.

In that day there will be peace on earth.

Copyright © 2008 Solarium Analytika

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