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The Cosmic Love Story-
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The Tonti Conection
By: A La Lansun

   (Twin Flames)

Click Blog, The Tonti Connection Parts 1-5 and The Hare - Greek Symbols of the Logos Incarnate. Then listen to our recorded Live Teleconferences.  Click Reflections of Light Audio for other recorded inspirational insights. 

I want to share an email I received from a new Canadian friend who responded to The Tonti Connection in such a beautiful way.

"You are welcome for the donation; I just wish it could have been more. ...Thanks, so much for the interpretation of the dream; it has really helped. I just wanted to share an insight from some writing which originated after meditating on your writing regarding the tonti connection.

"From my heart comes the knowing that the love shared between two wholly developed mates has the potential to be the greatest demonstration of God's love made manifest on this earth.  A stable, loving and, above all, balanced home life would provide such a wonderful environment for children, and they themselves would perpetuate this in society and in their relationships. Although this may take generations to become a fait accompli, I can see how changes that originate within the family unit and the tonti connection may be the way this is accomplished.

"I can see a possible way forward, Lansun, and I am thankful for your role in this insight."

In Love and Light,
Paula Miller
Welland, Ontario

A La Lansun

 Reflections of Light 
Sunday, March 22 2009


There are three primary phases to the development of the abiity to love. The first is a very human one, so often spoken of as the abiity to love another more than oneself.  And until this phase is experienced, greater love cannot make itself known in the human heart.

With the second phase one notices a deepening compassion for all mankind, one feels kinship with nature and others, as if there were times you could embrace the whole world of humankind. During this phase, strangely enough, the ability to focus on one person wanes. In fact, a decided detachment from people appears present. It is a paradox. While embracing mankind as a whole, you are to all intents and purposes withdrawing from man as an individual.

The third phase of love encompasses every living creation without judgment. It is detachment in its highest form. It is compassion's greatest expression. It is Love in its purest form, beyond appearances and divine in expression. It is the love of divine spirit for its own image placed deep within all at the time of Creation.

Few in your world touch the hem of this garment. Even after the perfect pattern given your world over two thousand years ago.

We will explore each phase of Love in more depth, with your permission.

Our Love and LIght to all who see and hear.

Adonai Vasu

Lactu and A La' Lansun*

 Copyright (c) 2009 A La' Lansun

*Pronounced Lahnsoon



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Sunday, March 22 2009


The human element is front and center in this phase. Relationships are what this phase is all about, which is why it is difficult. The adult entering this evolutionary phase starts with a polarity as the most obvious object of love. By this means the love nature expands to include any progeny that may result from this union.

Mother love, long heralded in song and poem, has recently awarded attention to father love. Both roles bring forth the abiity to love another more than yourself. This abiity may be touched on by a mating relationship that is deep and often against great odds, but the mere fact of mating does not guarantee this step into unselfish love. True parenting does.

Often disappointment and emotional pain accompany any attempt to unite with another in an intimate relationship. Not only does each party arrive at the time of union with baggage from the past, but the differences  of the male-female basic temperaments create problems. Originally designed as One, to be a whole expression of Love, mankind on your world became a divided species. The division goes even further in that each pole is also divided within itself and carries latent qualities of its opposite. Centuries of rigid opinions of what was acceptable in place and behavior for man and woman have greatly hindered development of each pole's inner qualities to produce a balanced individual, the prime requisite for true union.*

That this is changing is obvious. This step of the evolutionary process has always existed, but because of your world's obsession with a physical sexual expression homosexuality has increased in the last few decades. This phase does not have to express in this way. Often the inner qualities are called forth by spirit to handle a life situation, to complete a life lesson or purpose, or contribute a service to mankind.

For example: The man or woman required by circumstances to be not only sole breadwinner but also a single parent. The qualities needed for each role are different, yet each pole already possesses them within to fulfill the need and still retain their primary nature and expression. This experience contributes balance, increases insight, and adds new abilities to the principal or outer nature. If understood and accepted as spirit intends, both man's and woman's emotional natures deepen and enrich. Thus their ability to relate to each other deepens and enriches, as it was intended to be for the One that  Are.

Evolution is demanding that this  race of man-woman achieve balance -- first within, and then with each other. Obey your guiding star, the only fixed star in your firmament for this epoch of mankind's evolution.  Polaris -- requisite for a new beginning.

Adonai Vasu

* See Polarity - The Great Law.

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Sunday, March 22 2009

The mind expansion that takes place as we explore many avenues and approaches in our search for truth serves a useful  purpose. It exercises our mental muscles. It stretches our limited thought patterns to prepare us for greater understanding. However, it is not without pitfalls. Without  guidelines it can be a rocky road. And if we let ourselves be trapped in mental gymnastics, sooner or later we weaken our own intuitive power.

Although truth never changes, perception does. The ability to recognize truth grows as understanding increases, but we need a compass to avoid  confusing detours and dead-ends on our path to enlightenment.

Such a compass is a practical application of any concept to the here and now of our lives. Truth is truth on any plane of action, and if the concept reflects divine law then it works, right where we are and under our present circumstances. It does more. It contributes to insight and an ability to meet difficult situations more wisely. It increases rather than saps our energy and creates a sense of well-being. If it does not do these things for us, it should be looked at long and hard no matter how high-sounding and mystical.

The most important step we will ever take is to come up OVER fear as opposed to overcoming. To pass beyond the fear threshold through the power of spiritual attunement.  It lasts.  The second, by human or ego will alone, does not.  We will meet the same challenge many times.

The world has lived in fear for millennia. Fear is the High Priest of Mammon, and has been used by both religions and government to control people. Fear is the other powerful god that woos us.  Real progress cannot be made until this false god is met and conquered within ourselves. And Fear wears many faces. If we doubt its power and sublety, we have only to monitor our own thoughts and actions for just one day.

Unfortunately, in our search we may discover that sometimes we simply exchange one set of fears for another. Fear of the unknown, the idea of "evil" entities,  obssession, and so on. If we cut through the mumbo-jumbo that usually accompanies the way such ideas are presented, we discover an interesting fact.  That "evil" is actually l-i-v-e spelled backward. So any concept that creates or enables fear is a part of living backward.

Let's take a few such fears out of their fancy packages and look at them. Do you suddenly find yourself creeping into bed at night with a nervous glance toward shadows in a corner of the room? Or do you feel jinxed, that "something" is out to get you? If so, you are hooked. You have enlarged your library of fear. You have been sucked into the fear camp.

You know the result. Out the window goes the simple trust in God you may have been lucky enough to bring with you from childhood. In its place stands a whole new list of deities you must make constant obeisance to in order to survive.

Exagerated?  Be honest.

Hard as it may be, this encounter with fear is a necessary step. Deeply ingrained in the human psyche is this paralyzing emotion.  It must be dredged up and out. And wading through the evil entities routine is as good a method as any to let the Light start its unclogging work.

In spite of it your stalwart soul will not be denied and you press on. You go deeper and suddenly you stumble over karma. And what a stumble it is, dear friends!  For now you not only have to be afraid of what you cannot see, you also have to be scared of what you cannot remember! Spontaneity of thought and action flies out the door. Up to your ears settling past scores, now you discover you are surely adding to the list!

Are we off the track when this occurs? Not really. Karma is an important rung on the ladder of enlightenment. It is necessary to understand cause and effect if we are ever to be responsible Co-Creators.

When we finally accept the responsibility for our own thoughts and actions, understanding of Self deepens and taps the roots of real compassion. We use our energies toward solving our difficulties instead of frittering away energy in self-pity and blaming others. 

Karma can only exist in a world of duality: i.e. good/bad, right/wrong, man/woman. So this stepping stone on the ascension road is not the final word.  We were never intended to be permanent residents on the karmic plateau.  The moving finger has "writ" and we must go on, with the assurance that by accepting responsibility we can improve both our present and future lot. 

In a moving and beautifully channeled book titled The Golden Scripts a profound statement is made:  "The only true evil is Ignorance."  Think about it; there is great truth here for it is truly ignorance of divine law that creates the evils on any plane of existence.  If you knew better, you wouldn't do it!  If you really understood the sowing and reaping parable, you wouldn't do it!

And so polarization comes front and center, and is indisolubly linked with another fact -- vibration.  Personal application simply means that by our thoughts and actions we attract that which we are. 

Copyright (c) 2009 Anne Forrest Elmore


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Sunday, March 22 2009


In this phase detachment develops. And unless understood it can create alarm since one at times comes to view those nearest and dearest with the impersonal view of stranger. This is merely balance being achieved from the intense emotion felt in the first phase. For love experienced in the first phase is often without wisdom. Love without wisdom can be a dangerous thing, a destructive thing. Likewise, wisdom without Love is a dead thing. Phase One creates the emotion of love, but without wisdom's guidance it is simpy blind.

Phase Two's detachment from the personal aspect expands insight to include the general (mankind), creating a perspective from which wisdom can be born. It is a bit of a paradox for although personal attachment may seem to lessen, kinship with all Nature and all Mankind deepens. The third phase will blend these two facets so that both exist in all relationships. 

In your world there is much misunderstanding of love. It is all too often linked primarily to human relationships. That it is the greatest force existing is not even comprehended. The idea that God is love is even interpreted according to human comprehension.

The love nature of man is the core of his being. It is from Love he was created, and by Love he is sustained. But Love is considered in your world as largely a feminine emotion. Man's love is relegated to sexual expession, or the occasional noble act performed in a life or death situation for another, or even a small, helpless creature. It is not acknowledged openly as the core of man as well as woman -- the vital force needed for the well-being of all creation.

Your work, and that of responding brothers  and sisters, will be to bring to earth this new concept. I say "new" though it is as old as Creation itself. It is lost in the antiquity of time. Being born of Love, as are all things, Love precedes all things. But in the course of man's progression on earth he has been deluded into separation of God (Love), and thus of himself. He first divided Creation into good and evil, and then went on to divide all other things, including himself from woman.

Man-Woman are not divided. They are one being, created at the same time (Genesis I : 26, 27), which patriarchal religions chose to ignore since the Genesis 2 Adam-Eve story suited their desire to dominate and control Woman, a prominent factor in many of your world's religions.

Only when man ceases to divide in any form will he again return to the divinity that is his inheritance and take his place among the immortals and the gods of creation, as intended by the divine force that created him-her.

It is Love that is the part of him mentioned in the Bible as being created in the image of God, for God is Love, and therefore the love force in man is God. The perverted love force in man, because of ignorance of his true identity, creates the emotion your world calls "hate." There is no such force. It is only the energy that is Love, twisted and thwarted.

Your world has a saying:  "Hate is akin to Love." Therein lies the germ of great truth. For hate is love in reverse. You cannot hate that which does not touch you emotionally. If there is neither hate nor love present, you have indifference or neutrality. How you and others introduce such understanding for mankind's consideration and evolvement will be unfolded as your own awareness proceeds.

Having experienced many emotions in your unfoldments you are ready for the fhird phase. It is from this phase that much work will be done. But into this phase you must bring all of the human experience you have endured in order to speak with authority. In order to have compassion for those whose awareness is only awakening to the first or even the second phase.

Compassion and understanding are the product of lifetimes of experience under all conditions.

Adanai Vasu

 Copyright (c) 2009 A La' Lansun

See  Reflections of Light for Phase One
Bookstore for Lansun's two books and online discount.


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Sunday, March 22 2009


Your wilderness is experienced, and the day of approaching wisdom dawns brightly. The day of fufillment and great accomplishment. Your purpose will be known to each of you

You have known great love and great hate.  You have endured great injustices in the progression of your souls upon earth. All designed to introduce to each soul the awareness of every emotion the human heart can feel. You have been all things -- princes and paupers, queens and peasants. This is truth, for the human experiences in your world run the gamut. You  have been rulers, and you have been slaves. You have been masters of yourselves, and you have been slaves to yourselves.

All that you might in the days ahead for mankind turn from your own onward path and lift high the torch of complete understanding and truth. It is not a new path to any of you. The rejoicing in the higher realms is universal for each soul who returns to the awarenss of Original Creation.

Try to set aside a period each day to attune to love and light of true being. You are aware of the method [use] of the Light for protection in all channeling. It is time to gather the fruit of experience and bring forth wisdom for the benefit of many. This is Law. For that which cometh in must go forth in order to complete Love's circle.

Attune thyselves gracefully and with willing and joyful hearts. Attain the blessed state of Listening Grace that Spirit may impart to each of you its particular message for you. In silence and patience draw near to the diamond heart of all love that your heart may be quickened to greater awareness, your minds illumined with greater light, and your love increase in ever greater reach.

Adonai Vasu, Beloved Sons and Daughters of Light

*   *   *

See Reflections of Light for Phase One.
Bookstore for Lansun's books with online discount.

Copyright (c) 2009 A La' Lansun


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Saturday, March 21 2009

Channel:  Adonis (Ahdonee)

Greetings, Dear Daughters of Light,

The sharing of our love is what makes these transmissions possible. It is important that certain fundamentals be practiced to achieve breaking the bonds that hold one down in the illusory world.

For example: Judgment must be removed from your consciousness if you are to progress spiritually. Fear and Judgment are related.  When you fear that you are not whole or holy, you make comparisons; you judge. You make these comparisons because you lack SELF LOVE.  Not for your ego self, but for your own divinity.  For if all brothers and sisters of the family of God know who they are in Truth, they would not make comparisons that end in judgment.  This practice is a habit that must be broken.  

It is helpful  for us to see those you send Love and Light to as how they were as children. Innocent.  Before the illusion took hold and changed their vibration from one of purity to the lower vibration on earth.  It is easy to love a child unconditionally because they hold no malice within their minds.  They love unconditionally as we all should.  Observe  children: they are without judgment. To love unconditionally is to withhold judgment.  For it is judgment and the fear it creates that are the vibratory impediments to the free flow of love and light.

Keeping in mind the original innocence of the recipient of your love and light allows your feeling attached to be without negative thoughts of how you may see this person distorting his or her life by their allegiance to the illusion.

Remember, it is the feeling accompanying the blessing that determines the power of the blessing.  For feeling is the engine of our thoughts; it is the impetus that conveys the blessing.  First, feel in your heart center the love you wish to convey.  Then visualize the love moving from your heart center to the one you wish to bless.  Love is always the catalyst behind a true blessing.

To inherit the Kingdom, Become as Little Children.  Let your thoughts of others be without judgment of how they have manifested within your world of illusion. It is not who they are in truth.

We, your angels, come to help all who ask for guidance to lift their aspirations and ideals so they correspond with the vibratory thought patterns of the upper levels of the cosmos. Co-Respond:  it is now more than ever possible to receive a response from the universe. True power comes when you align yourselves with the beams of light being sent daily to your planet from Source.  But to align yourselves with the beams of light, you must be a vessel of love.  Then love will draw the light to you, and the information within the beams of light will enlighten you. The Law of Attraction!

Love is always the answer. It is the vibration that knows no bounds. It is the healing elixir of all wounds --- physical, mental, and spiritual.

And when you realize (make real) who you are as the offspring of Father-Mother God, you will know that all people enjoy this birthright of equal status. When the realization comes into your heart-mind that you and God are one, you will remember your connection to the Pair Essence (Parents), Mother-Father God, and know that this will happen for everyone in their own time and way.

We are all at different stages along the path Home, but all have the DNA memory within that will awaken Souls to the Reality of their existence.  Many are asleep this lifetime, and some will not awaken for yet another lifetime.

Bring them to the turning point of blessed awareness that they are not physical creatures, but magnificent Beings of Light. 

The Daughters of Light are a blessing to us because you are vessels of Love and open to the information we can provide when asked.

We leave you now within Our blessing of love and light.

Adonai Vasu, dear ones.  Adonai.

Copyright(c) 2009 Solarium Analytika


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Thursday, March 19 2009

Why is alcohol intake among women increasing?  Heart attacks?  Frustration is one of the most destructive emotions with its roots in fear and its blossom in lack of self-esteem.

Whether man or woman, we exist primarily in our thoughts.  We express what we think we are.  And what we think we are gets an early start in life, compiled mostly from other people's opinions.  Few men know who they really are, even fewer women.

Recognizing our higher self is not a bingo prize.  Expressing it is even harder.  Or rather, allowing it to express by taming the ego. It can only happen when we will no longer play the ego roles of passive victims or parasitic takers.

You think it is not possible to change a situation by changing your mind?  Not possible to make good changes by simply changing your attitude?  Some of the greatest works of literature and art, of scientific discoveries, were produced under restrictive and difficult human conditions.  How did greatness come out of such negative situations?  Because the mind behind the creations was not limited.  The individual refused to accept the limitations imposed by either circumstances or outer opinions. 

There is a power within the man or woman who knows Self.  One who has faced and discarded prejudicial opinions that mold much of our thinking about ourselves.  When you meet someone who has walked this inner path and won, you sense it immediately, even if you do not understand.  It has nothing to do with material wealth or power over others.  If self-esteem requires these props to exist, it is an illusion that can easily be destroyed.

Only recognition and acknowledgment of the spirit within can reveal who and what we are in truth.

And the courage to obey its direction.
                                                       *   *   *

                                    Copyright (c) 2009 Anne Forrest Elmore

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Monday, March 16 2009

Channel: Adonis (Ahdonee)

We greet you in God's name within the structure of the Christ Consciousness. We are Way Showers.  Angels have always been way showers. That is our job -- to lead the way to upper consciousness for those who seek the path. That is why God appointed angels to accompany souls through life on earth. Soon the benefit the angels have afforded the souls incarnated on earth will be known.  Even now, belief in us has escalated, and we will literally be visible in the time to come

As your auric fields advance into higher vibrational fields you will see and sense so much more of the realm of Source. It is true that the veil is very thin at this point in the awareness level on earth. So don't forget to use the Shield of Love and Light. It will keep your vibratory level elevated and immune to the Illusion. The pineal gland, now very misunderstood, has a definite purpose.  Focus on the Third Eye area whenever you need answers.  By this you elevate your vibratory existence into the God-mind arena and have access to all answers ever asked.

Remember to have love and compassion for all.  As your inner being knows, love and compassion are one and the same.  As you observe life's circumstances do not fall prey to the vacuum empathy creates, for empathy allows you to live and re-live another's situation.  Let them live their life's necessary experiences. Do Not Enter their sorrow or pain by being an Empath. See with your heart, your true seat of detached compassion. Do not accept fear or worry in your solar plexus, which is the seat of empathy.

Close that door!

For unless you close that door you cannot raise your vibration higher than that of those you have empathized with.  Cut the cord, so to speak, so you cannot be brought down amongst those experiencing the pain and corruption in your world today.  And when you cut this cord, your IN-Sight will be heightened because you will not be polluted by the vibratory experiences of others.  

The Shield of Love and Light is both your protection and salvation. Once you close the door to the illusion, you will be like an elevator on its way to the top levels of vibration, love, and knowlege. Mother-Father God could not remain nonjudgmental were it not for the protective light of the Shield of Love in which they abide.

We, your angels, also truly love earthbound souls. We know what your ultimate goal is, and that you  contracted willingly to raise yourselves and others up with you. Never forget that you are, by inheritance, gods who have forgotten their origin. Father-Mother God could not have given birth to children who were other than gods. If you  believe that your are a child of God, then you must also believe in your Divinity. It could not be otherwise.  Mathematically impossible in a Quantum sense.

In parting, we leave you with these words:

Believe in Your Divinity -- and So It Is!
Adonai Vasu, Dear Ones, Adonai.

Copyright (c) 2009 Solarium Analytika

 *  *  *


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Sunday, March 15 2009

   I am female.  But I am trying hard to become Woman.
   Why? Because I want a destiny for us when we stand as Man and Woman not just
male and female.
   There are male and female everything, including plugs and sockets, but there is 
only one species that can be called Man and Woman.
    Will you help me?  Will you help us?
    First I must speak, not in banners or slogans, but in words that convey my heart's feelings.
    I must do more.  I must reach the heart of you, beyond your intellect if you are to understand the Woman of me struggling to be. 
    Centuries of dependency and lower status created deep resentment and fear. So
deep that early in life I learned the one weapon nature gives me. To be the sheath
for your sword.
    But there is so much more to me and to you if you will help me realize the Woman I am within.
    Why do you desire the innocence of me yet seek to destroy it in a hundred ways?
    You despoil the bud before it can bloom. The rich fruit I could bring to you if you gave it a chance to ripen.
    You penetrate my inmost privacy in ignorance of who and what I am and then
wonder where the tender girl has gone.
    Shall I tell you?
    I am lost to impatient desire; to callous exposure in childbirth and penetration of alien hands.
    I am lost to the mother of me if you do not share the care of that which we bring forth together.
    I am lost to confining roles you impose while you live experiences I cannot share.
    I am lost to the economic system you devised that frustrates and binds us both; to the tension and fear that lack creates.
    I am lost when I must enter this mainstream and be carried away, spreading myself too thin.
    I am lost if you remain fixed in man's work-woman's work symbols that apply to
the past.  
    Now I must span both areas, with or without your help, because the economy of your devising is a dragon
   That feeds on our time and energy, destroying time for renewal.
    I am lost to a Frankenstein creation of endless things.
   To technology that put a man on the moon but has not erased hunger. 
   To endless fascination with gadgets that make slaves of us but have not ended prisons of fear and hate.
   To a moon shot that lifted our eyes but not to heaven, Only to one small, insignificant shining orb in the vault of the Eternal.
   To divine intelligence that shone forth in rare and woundrous glory then
surrendered to proud intellect whose creations also destroy.
    After long centuries I am being liberated.
    To what?  To experience the agony of soul that rides today's treadmill?
    To surrender to the fleeting sensation a swinging gut and open receptacle can provide?
    To use the creative power of words in as destructive and coarse a way as I choose?
    To experience the dubious joy of competition that is predicated upon a winner and a loser?
    To entrust the nurture and guidance of our young to careless, indifferent, often
ignorant hands?
    Our world slides toward an abyss while we worship athletic prowess but deny honor to excellence we should demand of those who mold tomorrow's future.
   To nurture, to sustain, to enrich. These I once understood. But my physical
measurements ursurped their place.
    To a female all cats are gray at night.  To a Woman there is no casual affair.
Biologically we risk too much. Faced with the same risks wouId your body be as eager?
    And yet, and yet, what woundrous hand fashioned me to love you still. To long to be with you, stand beside you, nurture and sustain you. I can give you so much if you let  me.
    If you do not destroy the Woman of me before I can find her, leaving only a female responding to jungle rhythms.    
                                                                   *  *  *

                                                Copyright (c) 2006 A La' Lansun



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Sunday, March 15 2009

Part Three

Even the sky above us confirms this great law. Our guiding star, the one fixed star in our firmament, is named Polaris. And elemental steps of this epoch's evolutionary purpose are reflected in five surrounding constellations. Five is the number of the sense world, and these five constellations describe the lesson:

  • Ursa Major - The Big Bear/Big Dipper
  • Ursa Minor -  Little Bear/Little Dipper
  • Cepheus - The King
  • Cassiopeia - The Queen, who for half a year is upside down.
  • Draco - The Dragon - symbol of the creative force/sexual energy that winds itself between the male principle (Ursa Major) and the female principle (Ursa Minor) 

Misuse of this creative energy has encircled and almost defeated the feminine principle on this planet. Woman has been used and abused for most of our recorded history, and only when the "kings" of the earth understand the message of Polaris will the "queens" of the earth be right-side up. The message these stars map out above us is the vital lesson of this epoch of mankind's evolution. And until it is obeyed there will not be anything resembling permanent peace on our planet.

When complete harmony and balance have been established between the poles of creation, another sky will be over us and another pole star will spell a new lesson. That new world will not tolerate those who have not learned the lesson of this epoch.

It is easy to feel helpless as an individual to change anything, but many drops of water and many grains of sand created a mighty ocean and wondrous land. No one can increase another's awareness. We can only light a small candle of aware action in the collective consciousness of earth by the way we think and live. That is why the wisdom of "light a candle in your corner" stands the test of time.

Both sexes have responsibility in this great law. Woman must look within and find her center and purpose. And when she does she cannot allow anyone to demean or degrade her in any way, including her own words and actions. Man, too, must put away the illusion of superiority created by religious texts interpreted by ego rather than spirit, and accept that his other half was created at the same time and equal (Genesis I : 26 27).

The Adam/Eve creation is actually the second creation in the Bible,  and achieved its prominent acceptance because it satisfied Ego to reduce the value of the femjnine principle of Creation and thus delay the divine balance that required Ego's surrender to Spirit. 

Darkness is only the absence of light. We cannot drive it anywhere. We can only let in the light of understanding and truth.  And if we begin to live in accord with this great law, we will automatically light up and set right our world.

For balance generates balance.

For Part Four = Star Map see ReIflections of Light -Polarity - The Great Law

*  *  *


Copyright (c) 2006 by A La' Lansun
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Saturday, March 14 2009

Part Two

In the present evolutionary period of both sexes we can experience situations where each sex incarnates in its primary pole, but lives a life that requires experience in the general area of its opposite pole.

For example:  The feminine principle may incarnate in its natural habitat, the female body, only to live a life that  involves support of a family/children, career achievments, or an expression of genius in some talent or ability.  But this does not produce a male. Instead, the strength and insight, the logic and order created by the life situation will enrich her inner pole and be incorporated into and balance her feminine nature.  And express as such.

The same applies to the male.  Artistic expressions that rely heavily on intuition and receptivity can incorporate these traits into the male nature. A man may live a life in which he almost exclusively develops this side of his own inner nature, but still be male. With understanding this forerstalls translation into a selected homeosexuality. Great expression in some creative or inventive form diminishes a tendency to express the energy sexually. By enriching his own inner narture he also enriches the whole, for only when the poles of both male and female are first balanced within can they truly unite with deep understanding.

Part of our spiritual instruction regarding this law could begin with a simplified course in electrical energy, for the polarity story inherent in this form of energy parallels the polarity law of all creation. Electricians deal with it every day. Consider their terminology: The wall outlet connected to the power source is called female, while the extension that relays the power to a specific location for a specific purpose is called male. Obviously one is incomplete without the other. And this is the message of this great law.  The Chinese recognize this in their Yin/Yang symbol.

It is not necessary to understand everything about electricity to make it useful  and avoid the destruction that occurs when we do not follow its principles. A few basic concepts take care of this. It is the same with the Law of Polarity. Perhaps the human mind can never comprehend this great mystery entirely, but we can learn its rules. We can learn to avoid our present mistakes and the negative results we have brought on ourselves through ignorance. Remember, even our laws state that  ignorance is no excuse. In short, you still pay the penalty whether you know the law or not. Mankind is at this point now. Domination by either pole will not be acceptable in this new millennium. Balance is divine law.

There is literally such a thing as the complimentary half of our being. But this union -- the marriage made in heaven --is a long way down the pike for many since all debris collected by either pole must be eliminated, all karmic debts balanced before the two can once again be the One that Are.

In addition, each must also unite the wisdom and strength of their own outer expression with the wisdom and strength of their own inner expression. We see this primary and secondary, or inner and outer pole expression reflected in the human body. The clitoris of woman is a male organ, a retarded penis as it were. The undevelped breasts of man are his reminder of his own secondary inner pole. World famous psychologist Carl Jung used the terms animus (inner male) and anima (inner female) to define our inner polarity.

Information regarding the need for this understanding is enlarged on in the third edition of my book: What Are Your Dreams Telling You? published by Solarium Analytika, 2005, ISBN 978-0-935861-o4-4. You can check this out in Bookstore,   Online Discount.

For Parts Three and Four see Reflections of Light - Polarity the Great Law - Even the Sky above us confirms the great lesson of this important epoch of mankind's evolution in the Circumpolar Constellation


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Saturday, March 14 2009

"In that lifetime you were a man."   /   In that lifetime you were a woman."

 This is perhaps the most confusing information that can be relayed through a channel, especially if the recipient feels an innate denial of such information.  Deeper insight into the soul or whole spirit (holy spirit) clarifies such statements.  The soul or self is one -- the one that are!  But the poles of that self remain the same, regardless of many incarnations.  In other words, the female principle always incarnates as a female; the male principle as a male, with two exceptions covered below.

  To clarify:  The body is a total thing, but it has two hands, a left and a right.  Both operate under the direction of the same brain, and the information relayed from the activities of the two hands returns to one mind for storage or evaluation.  You could not cut off the hands and exchange them.  Reversal would not only be awkward but difficult to operate. So it is with the two poles of being, with two exceptions:

  1. When one side or other, male or female, is found lacking in experience or discipline.  It is then that the feminine principle may incarnate in a male body or the male in a female body for experience, primarily designed to develop understanding of its own opposite pole.

  2.   The other condition that brings about such a difficult incarnation is the necessity for a service to mankind, which may require the inner knowledge and abilities of one pole, but world conditions require the outer garment to be the opposite pole. While this brings many of the problems encountered by the first condition, it also usually brings a strong soul nature dedicated to the purpose of such service, and forestalls a tendency to relate to a sexual liason.  Some form of creative genius is often the outer expression of such a soul.

  These are the true homosexuals. They are not a product of conditioning or  ego choice. They deserve all the help and understanding that can be given, for they are literally a divided house.  One pole within a body that is the opposite, with all the social demands and expectations weighed on the outer appearance.

  When the Akashic (soul history) records are read, the experiences each pole has had are recorded as One.  A Sensitive tuning in to these records would read both sides of the soul's Book and could therefore confuse the personality, especially if a strong aversion to such information exists, as often happens.  You cannot tell the left hand that it is the right hand.  This would not be truth. You can advise both that they are literally an extension of one body-mind, and therefore their role should be one of complete cooperation.

  Such knowledge would also aid the two exceptions by providing understanding of the reason(s) for their dilemma. Understanding always increases the personality's ability to cope with a situation and meet the challenge in a constructive way.

  One pole may also come into conscious life while the other remains unmanifested.  In this case the other pole, if spiritually mature enough, often acts as a guardian angel, instructing its conscious half through dreams and impressions since evolvement of both is the business of the whole spirit.

  One may even live a life that alleviates or balances karmic debts incurred by the other half, and blame would be useless because whether the right hand or the left hand was responsible, the whole persona suffers the results.

  There is no need to dwell on the individual and mutual karma the sexes have imposed on each other. That evidence is around us every day. And the equality the women's movements are striving for on the phyical level must also be attained on  mental and spiritual levels. But it is not a competitive equality.  It is a  complimentary equality that comes through understanding both expressions of Self.

  The need of the one for the other is the most basic soul quality.  There is always an inner longing to be whole again.  It is the prime mover of both sexes.

See Part Two - Electricity and Sex
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