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Patterns: Removing the Mask
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The Tonti Conection
By: A La Lansun

Patterns of Awareness


Pattern:  ...a form or model proposed for imitation. 
A reliable sample of traits, acts or other observable
features characterizing an individual.
--- Patterns definition: Webster's 7th Collegiate Dictionary, 1965

In nature growth unfolds in progressive patterns, directed by the seed or essence within. Although we treasure the final product, we do not condemn any stage required to reach fulfillment. We accept the humble root as it draws nutrients from Mother Earth. We accept the leaves that convert light into chemical energy and identify a pattern of growth. We accept these patterns of growth because we know they are necessary if the ultimate expression is to manifest. Can we also accept our own roots, planted deep in the earth? Can we accept the leaves of experience that synthesize our energies to reflect more Light, thus fulfilling the divine blueprint within?

Just as nature reflects patterns of growth, our awareness increases in stages that are recognizable by the patterns of experience and personality expression native to each stage. And each stage contributes to the development and refinement of the human instrument to fulfill the grand pattern --- the expression of our reality. 

The ability to recognize the patterns, to understand the process and its purpose, helps us deal with these various stages of growth in ourselves and others. When we view our own growth objectively, we can replace negative reactions with constructive actions. We can also view mankind's evolution of consciousness with more understanding.

Like a pendulum, the sequence of experiencing often swings in opposites so that balance can be attained. We may spend several incarnations in a particular pattern, exploring both the high and low aspects. Like the signs of the Zodiac, each pattern has its unattractive side as well as its constructive side. But during a final stage of our homeward journey we may find ourselves experiencing several patterns during the span of one lifetime to be sure we have completed the purpose of the patterns.

We will spend more time in the pattern still holding the greatest challenge for us. We may also find ourselves challenged by others who strongly exemplify a particular pattern, which means there is more we need to know about this consciousness. How can we deal with it without surrendering to its negative side? How may we avoid blocking our own energies by resentment or defensiveness when challenged by another who is operating from that point of awareness?

Our biggest lesson is the power of our own thought, which also determines attitude. And if we only focus on the negative qualities of another person, we support and reinforce these qualities.

The theoretical patterns presented provide a checklist to help us evaluate our own stage of growth. No time should be wasted by resisting the message because our tender egos dread bruising. None of us is totally any one pattern. We are meant to eliminate the negative side effects and acquire and express the best qualities.

A Pattern's Power

    However, each pattern is inclined to defend its own expression, to forget it is only a step in the fulfillment of an individual. And over prolonged periods of expression they can become entities in their own right. Interesting case histories dramatized in two movies (Sybil and Three Faces of Eve) highlight the reality and power of the patterns. For all intents and purposes you are dealing with another entity, but one of your own making:  a facet of your total self that either has yet to be refined and incorporated, or one that was split from you through a traumatic experience.

,,,By the same token, if we incorporate the virtues each patterns has to offer, we gain strength and new abilities. We free more of our reality to express in our world. We discover latent talents.

The Real Enemy

The higher you climb on the pyramid of awarenwess, the more subtle are the faults to be discovered and eliminated. The creator of these faults is easily identified.... 

*   *   *

From Patterns:  Removing the Mask by A La' Lansun, published by Solarium Analytika.



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