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The Tonti Conection
By: A La Lansun


What are Your Dreams Telling You?

The dream is the small hidden door in the
deepest and most inimate sanctum of the soul.
                                    --Carl G. Jung 30:30:46

Today dreams are serious business. Dream interpretation has come a long way from the old dream book that told all for the princely sum of one dollar.  But what is the real scoop on dreams?  Are they simply playbacks of the day's activities in scrambled form?  Or do they have a more significant purpose?

The age-old mystery surrounding dreams and the purpoe of dreaming has whetted the curiosity of science, particularly in the last two decades.  Research shows that rapid eye movements (REMs) indicate the period of sleep in which dreaming occurs.  All people dream, whether or not they recall any part of a dream, with the REM periods of sleep generally occurring every ninety minutes.  And laboratory experiments indicate that deliberately interrupting or preventing REM periods of sleep can create emotional disturbances in the personality.

University of California sleep researchers Daniel F. Kripke and David Sonnenschein report that people also spontaneously shift into reverie states in approximately the same ninety-minute cycles during their waking periods, but society is not geared for such minivacations in an altered state.  And we may be the losers, because evidence suggests that during both our daytime reveries and in our REM sleep periods we are in contact with another aspect of ourselves.  In her book,  Freedom in Meditation, Dr. Patricia Carrington defines this other aspect as one  that  "...operates in a dim but intimate world, removed from considerations of time and involvement with past and future."

Carl Jung, the world-famous Swiss psychologist, believed that dreaming had real significance for the individual, as did Edgar Cayce, the Virginia Beach psychic.  Here we have two different approaches, yet both come up with surprisingly similar conclusions.  Both attach importance to the value of understanding your own dreams.  And both concluded that dreams are actually instructions from a higher self, which if heeded and interpreted correctly could speed up the process of individuation (Jung) or self-realization (Cayce).

But what is meant by individuation or self-realization? What makes either concept a desirable attainment, and why is contact with this other self important?

Webster defines individuation as the development of the individual from the universal.  Again. according to Webster the definition of self-realization is "fulfillment by oneself of the possibilities of one's character or personality.  . . .that the highest good for man consists of realizing or fulfilling himself.   . . .that he has certain inborn abilities constituting his real or ideal self."

. . .In addition, the ability to draw knowledge and insight from a larger self, knowledge not available through human reasoning, is also implied. 

In short, it is becoming a whole person, consciously in control of  your life. One who is free of damaging unconscious directives and beliefs. This is certainly a desirable goal for anyone, but the hangup comes in being able to correctly interpret the messages being relayed to the personality (ego) by this larger self.

. . .Dream therapy is a very personal experience, whether you are working in partnership with the higher self or with a quaified therapist.  . . .What is your potential?  How important is it to you to realize (make real) that potential?

*  *  * 
(C) 2005 A La Lansun  

 "The dream is an inexhaustable source of spiritual information about yourself.  ...Your dream will correspond to the level of psychological awareness you possess."   --Joseph Campbell: The Power of Myth, Doubleday, NY 1988

From What Are Your Dreams Telling You?  3rd Ed. Published by Solarium Analytika. SEE HOME PAGE BOX FOR SPECIAL PRICING.


Do You Have a Vivid or Recurring Dream You Feel Is Important?

While you are still the best interpreter of your own dreams, often clues as to the symbology involved in a particular dream or suggested interpretations can trigger your insight to help you focus intuitively on the  message being relayed to you by your higher self.

If you would like help on a particular dream,  please type or write clearly as much detail as you can recall, including symbols, colors, and any impressions or feeling associated wth the dream.  I prefer time to study the dream  and contact your higher self for its purpose before giving an interpretation, hence the written request rather than phone contact. Donation to Solarium Anlytika, 807 South Westerly #310, Payson, AZ 85541-5658.


  • Before going to sleep, tell your higher self that you want its help and you will cooperate; that you want to grow and express more of your reality.  Ask to remember its instruction.
  • Keep a pen, light, and dreamwork journal by your bed. If you share the room, have a small flashlight to work by.
  • Write your dream in the present tense, as it happens. This encourages recall. Do not attempt to interpret the dream at this point; just record it
  • For most people the early morning hours are the heaviest REM dream period, so train yourself to allow some quiet time when you first wake up. Even though the dream was vivid, recall becomes hazy once you are involved in routine duties.  Important details can be lost.
  • Record dream fragments, especially if clearly recalled, even if the rest of the dream is hazy. Whatever you do remember is important -- otherwise you would not remember it.
  • Take your dreams seriously, even if no one else in the family does, especially the dreams that make you feel uncomfortable.  They may be challenging the ego by pinpointing some changes that should be made in attitudes or actions.  Record how you felt when you woke up.
  • Be especially aware of the feelings and emotions expressed by yourself or others in the dream.  Record these as well as any symbols or inanimate objects featured.  Colors are also  significant; often have a definite personal association for you.  Remember, everyone in your dream could respresent a part of you, even an animal or inanimate object.
  • Confusing or difficult situations encountered during the day can provoke very active dreaming.  With honest dreamwork you can solve a problem or understand a situation better and thus deal with it more objectively and wisely.
  • Remember that REM perods of sleep usually occur every 90 minutes, so you may find yourself waking during the night after a particularly vivid and impressive dream.  Record it, but leave analysis until later when you can use the dreamwork methods in Appendix A of What Are Your Dreams Telling You? [online disccount] The Bibliography suggests several books that help you increase your knowledge of the universal language of symbols. Even the symbolism found in simple fairy tales is rich with meaning.  The more you understand this language, the better you will be at interpreting your own highers self's messages. 
  • If questions arise as you record a dream, make a note of them.  Or if any similarity to an awake situation crosses your mind as you record the dream, jot a quick note to yourself so you remember this impresson during dreamwork period.
  • Do not strain.  Just write the "letter" you received via the dream  Let your dreamwork period read  the message later.
  • Remember this is a private conversation you are having with YOU, your own higher self. So share your dreams only with those you know understand and who will help you arrive at the meaning.

 Copyright (c) 1987 A La' Lansun

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