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The Cosmic Love Story-
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The Tonti Conection
By: A La Lansun



(Random excerpts from 61 pages of symbols in What Are Your Dreams Telling You?)

ABANDONED To feel forsaken; fear of rejection. To have lost sight of the inner light for guidance.

AIRPLANE  The higher mental vehicle; higher road; ability to rise above limitations and circumstances; a faster method of travel.  If a plane is crippled or crashed, something has hindered your abiity to remain above limitations or follow the guidance of spirit.  If landing....

ANDROGYNE  Divine wholeness.  Chinese symbol of Yin-Yang represents an androgynous perfection in which all opposites compliment one another. The original state of being - Adam
himself originally contained male and female.

ANGEL  Helpful insights, guardian, teacher or mentor in spirit or flesh.

ANKH  The cross with a loop on top. Immortality, life, soul, the rising sun.  Union of male and
female principles, a key to esoteric knowledge and the spirit world. 

AQUARIUS  Eleventh sign of the Zodiac.  Completion of any cycle or period;
loosening of the bonds of worldly concepts and  materialistic views. Completion of involution (Adam/Eve) and Evolution; the ego's surrender to the Essence or Christ nature.

BABY  A new start, rebirth. May symbolize a work or idea the dreamer is to bring forth. The condition of the baby is important as well as any activity involving the baby.

BEAR  A complex symbol. The first stage of awakening, as if awakening from hibernation.  It may also relate to the first stage of development of the inner polarity, as in Jung's anima/animus concept. This meaning often apears as being embraced by a bear, and for a
woman it is an indication that her animus (inner male) nature is becoming active and seeking
integration with her feminine nature. 

BIRD  As with all winged creatures, generally a symbol of ideas, spiritual or 
 or otherwise;  angelic help, symbol of the soul; Holy Spirit, messenger senger of   God. If in  flight, ascending or descending may indicate the direction of your thinking. Descending can also indicate the flow of ideas and instruction from the higher self. If a flock of birds is seen rising from stagnant water, thoughts are rising from some error belief.  (See CROW, EAGLE, PHOENIX, PELICAN, PEACOCK,  RAVEN, SWAN.)

CAMEL  The "ship of the desert."  The endurance required during your desert period of introspection and clearing. The ability to keep faith and persevere by drawing on your own inner resources without the sustenance of personal reward or the approval of others.

CANDLE   Usually an individual's own light. Can remind us it is better to light our own candle than to curse the darkness around us. A flickering candle can mean a situation or circumstance threatens to extinguish your light. A steady flame --your light is well established. A burned-out candle -- a warning to slow down or you will experience a burn-out. Can also indicate a cycle is closed (the old you is spent) and a new cycle (new life situation) will begin, especially if you see a burned-out candle replaced by a new one being lit.  Burning at both ends, a warning to change your life style.

CLOAK   Protection, concealment.  Or closing out reality, such as the statement regarding ignorance as a "cloak of the mind."  The shape, color, adornment, and function all have syimbolic meaning.

CUP  The kind of cup is significant. A chalice is a more spiritual vessel, and also represents the Cup of the Knight (Initiate). Gold is the highest, relating to the sun or higher self;      silver, also  a precious metal, relates to the moon *(unconscious), feminine pole. One dreamer saw a plastic  thermos cup, which indicated a sturdy, practical, daily type of love, not easily dented or destroyed. Note the contents:  water = spirit; milk = intuition; coffee or tea = sociability, able  to relate to others. Can relate to the physical if presented as a warning, but usually symbolic of your capacity for love (my cup runneth over).

DANCE  "Incarnation of eternal energy."   An act of creation, expression of union, either of spirit and flesh or man and woman. The nature, including location and outcome of the dance are highly significant.

EARTHQUAKE   Definitely a shake-up of some kind!  A sudden change; the feeling you may have when the mental clearing begins. One dreamer witnessed an earthquake in a dream in which she advised her sister (personaliity) to "stay in the middle of the road" (hold balance) and she would not be harmed by the buildings (old ideas and conditions) collapsing around her.

FALL -  Physical:  may be a soul memory of incarnating in flesh, or it can indicate a fall from grace through some action or line of thought. Season: fall is considered the herald of winter; however, it is also the harvest time when the fruits of the growing period are manifest. The last meaning seems to apply more to the dreams I researched. In this respect it is also a symbol of maturity, the harvest  time when knowleddge and experience combine to produce wisdom. FALL - Symbolic: THE FALL OF MAN:  Abbot Joachim of Floris wrote (1200 A.D.) of the three stages of the spirit after the fall into duality of the flesh  (Adam/Eve). First stage of the father and Jewish race, preparing a priestly race eligible to become the vehicle of the Incarnation.  Second stage: the age of the Holy Ghost in which Spirit speaks directly to the individual, and third stage that we are gradually reaching, the Institution of Church will fall away [once we completely absorb the second stage]. 

FOUNTAIN  The fount of Spirit, the life force.  If standing in a clear spray, you are receiving spiritual help and purification. Rejuvenation.  Note the condition of the water and type of fountain.

HAT  Ideas, concepts, roles. To change one's hat means to change one's mind or role. To try on several hats means to try out several concepts or assume different roles. To accept a role of responsiblity ="he's wearing that hat."  

LION  Sun symbol; symbol of royalty; masculine principle (king). If negative in context a symbol of the power of the passions and an unredeemed emotional nature. If the Initiate is to remove the lion from his path, he must cultivate discernment and objectivity so that the feeling nature produces intuitive insight that sees beyond illusion and informs him of the  realities. Lion Leopard Wolf. In Dante's The Divine Comedy the Lion represents pride, operating from ego. Leopard represents lust -- desire. The Wolf represents fear.  (See Wolf for additional meanings.)

MASK Mystery. A protection the ego creates. Can hide the transforming process taking place within (see chrysalis). Role playing. A personality expression (a pattern, stage of growth or experience. See Patterns: Removing the Mask  - Bookstore). Can be a protective front or
imply deceit.  Look behind it.

*  *  *

Excerpts are from the 61 pages of symbols in A La' Lansun's book.  See Bookstore for online discounts.

           Copyright (c) 2005 A La' Lansun

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