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Patterns: Removing the Mask
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The Tonti Conection
By: A La Lansun

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Patterns of Awareness - Removing the Ego's Mask


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(Linda Tyler AKA 'Ahdonee') is A La Lansun's Daughter)

Table of Contents

The author presents basic patterns of awareness we deal with every day in ourselves and in others. By viewing them as patterns, we can deal with their side effects more effectively with less emotional involvement and stress. The challenge: To recognize and consciously alter our own ego behavioral patterns that block expression of our talents and abilities. It will add insight and spice to your view of yourself and others. You'll read with relish, and occasionally a little 'pickle' when it hits close to home. 

Retail Price: $19.95  Online Price: $15.95 paperback 256 pages. Buy both at same time for $24.95,

Read a 2006 Review from England..."Well, I have now finished this book after taking way too long to read it.  In fact, I wanted to let the words settle in my mind before moving on because this book is very gentle and yet often profound.  I can see obvious traces of Carl Jung in here with certain understandings and even the Dalai [Lama] himself, but in truth this is an individual book that wil be most welcomed by many people who are trapped in one level or another of the patterns this book represents.  ...I would highly recommend it to everybody, both young and old, for even if you are well-versed in psychology and therapy you will still have a good laugh at some of the funny comments ...people will see themselves in there, like a mirror.
 __Philip Gardiner



What are Your Dreams Telling You?


Table of Contents
> Read CHAPTER ONE Excerpt
> Common Dream Symbols
> SEXY Dreams "What are They Telling You?"
Product Description
What Are Your Dreams Telling You? Third Edition.
In dreams YOU are talking to you to help you meet your conscious world with more awareness. Dreams connect conscious, subconscious, and superconscious aspects of mind all at once, and can therefore draw on past, present, and even future experiences to direct an insight or outcome.

Work with these parts of yourself by understanding the universal language of symbols. You will be more aware of who you really are and the posibilities that open to express more of this self.

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.                                                                                              ---Carl G. Jung

Retail Price: $15.95  224 pages. Index has over sixty pages of dream symbols to trigger insight.

Editorial Reviews

"...not your ordinary dream book... one well worth having for a lifetime.... ...added a new dimension to my understanding." -- Letter #37, Letters from The Masters, November 1, 2005
"Lansun explores...describes some of the ways dreams serve our needs.... This book holds answers....  in dreams I am talking to me, and with this book for the first time I have found a way to understand my own language. This book succeeds." -- Esther Gilchrist: The Sedona Times, June 25-July 2, 1986, (2d ed).

" this excellent guidebook, Lansun has shared with us her techniques to encourage meaningful communication with the High Self." -- Brad Steiger, The Love Force: The Star People Series.

"I like the way you establish a firm scientific outlook.  ...good use of specific cases to illustrate your points...." --- Judge 28's Comments:  The Writer's Digest 2006

"Of all the dream books I've read, this was the best, easily understood with regard to working out dream interpretation."  ---V. Brennan, Drexel Hill, PA.
"...has solved to my complete satisfaction many of the mysteries I have encountered in dreams.
---Ruth Ryden, Payson, Arizona
Patterns - Removing the Mask

Product Description and Reviews

Retail Price: $19.95 

Online Price: $9.95 + $4.00 s/hpaperback 256 pages

Buy Both for $18.00 + $6.00 s/h

Table of Contents



Dream Workshop Teleclass Recording

MP3 File
What Are Your Dreams Telling You?

Product Description and Reviews

 Price: $15.95

Online:    $9.95 + $4.00 shipping
Buy both for $18.00 + $6.00 s/h

paperback 224 pages
Table of Contents

Buy Both Books and Save

Buy Both Books and Save
$18.00 plus $6.00 Priority Shipping

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