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The Cosmic Love Story-
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The Tonti Conection
By: A La Lansun

   (Twin Flames)

Click Blog, The Tonti Connection Parts 1-5 and The Hare - Greek Symbols of the Logos Incarnate. Then listen to our recorded Live Teleconferences.  Click Reflections of Light Audio for other recorded inspirational insights. 

I want to share an email I received from a new Canadian friend who responded to The Tonti Connection in such a beautiful way.

"You are welcome for the donation; I just wish it could have been more. ...Thanks, so much for the interpretation of the dream; it has really helped. I just wanted to share an insight from some writing which originated after meditating on your writing regarding the tonti connection.

"From my heart comes the knowing that the love shared between two wholly developed mates has the potential to be the greatest demonstration of God's love made manifest on this earth.  A stable, loving and, above all, balanced home life would provide such a wonderful environment for children, and they themselves would perpetuate this in society and in their relationships. Although this may take generations to become a fait accompli, I can see how changes that originate within the family unit and the tonti connection may be the way this is accomplished.

"I can see a possible way forward, Lansun, and I am thankful for your role in this insight."

In Love and Light,
Paula Miller
Welland, Ontario

A La Lansun

 Reflections of Light 
Tuesday, December 08 2009

To hear Lansun's recording of this message,
Reflectons of Light tab: The True Meaning of Christmas

From Angelic Realms

 We greet you in the love and light
or our living Christ Spirit

With your permission we would like to tell you a story.  It is a story of the Christmas Spirit you love to celebrate.  It is the story of the rebirth of man -- back to the kingdom of God from whence he came.   And when we say "man," we mean the masculine and feminine principles.  For mankind could not be comprised if it were not for both principles acting in their full capabiity.  It is our hope that men and women everywhere will be conjoined on all levels  -- physical, mental, and spiritual.

The beautiful season of Christmas is about the birth of the Christ Principle.  It seems peculiar to us that mankind has stopped on the level of thinking that he is only celebrating the birth of a "baby" Jesus.  If only mankind would understand that the true meaning of Christmas was always meant to be symbolic of the birth of the Christ Spirit within each child of God. 

It is hard for us to understand how mankind can justify excluding this very poignant message He came forth on your planet to give.  Yet there are those who would consider it blasphemy if you told them they possess within them the same capacity for manifesting miracles.

Your Bible, even in its redundancy, contains much truth.  It is stated many times that we are all Children of God; that we are all God's issue.  We were created in the image of God.  Jesus the Christ also stated many times that the miracles he was capable of performning were also available to anyone who is able to tune into the God vibrational energy of Unconditional Love. 

Our Elder Brother, as we often refer to Him, is the essence of everything godlike, and in great humility He realized that to serve in the return of mankind to the realm of God is indeed a blessing.  And when one begins to serve, it is because in humlity you acknowledge that all have contributed to the sad state of human affairs.  That we are not blameless for the world condition. That our thoughts and our energies have directly contributed to the poor state of the human condition on earth.

We, the angels of the Alaric* Foundation, experience joy that is beyond your comprehension at this time in your lives.  Some of you have tapped into this unconditional love state and felt this periodically, but because of the world in whch you live you have not been able to sustain it.  We who can sustain this great joy want every Essence within the universe to experience this -- their birthright.  To claim what is theirs genetically. The DNA contained within the individuals of earth is evolving.  It is being realigned to its original state.  And when this is accomplished in its entirety,  all will be restored to their original place in God's kingdom.

There will be many Avatars coming to your earth in the future -- in the near future. The peoples of earth must be reminded of their birthright.  They must know that godhood is available to them if they tap back into the Source from which they dis-connected.  They must know that Father-Mother God created them in unconditional love.

When you step into the State of Grace, when you accept your birthright and live a life of loving, it is as if you are reborn.  You will remember who you are and from where you came.  You will remember why you are here on this planet -- and what you came to do.  And the Love you will generate will perform miracles for you because your thoughts will be anchored in the Christ Spirit, and that will allow miracles to happen.

Celebrate the Christ Spirit.  Communicate with others from your Christ Spirit to their Christ Spirit.  Let them know who they are, and all they are capable of.  Transmit Love in great quantity.  Much healing is needed, and the Love-Light vibrational energy will do this for all of you.

Adonai Vasu, Beloved Children of God.

*pronounced Alareece

(C) 2006 by Solarium Analytika



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