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The Tonti Conection
By: A La Lansun

   (Twin Flames)

Click Blog, The Tonti Connection Parts 1-5 and The Hare - Greek Symbols of the Logos Incarnate. Then listen to our recorded Live Teleconferences.  Click Reflections of Light Audio for other recorded inspirational insights. 

I want to share an email I received from a new Canadian friend who responded to The Tonti Connection in such a beautiful way.

"You are welcome for the donation; I just wish it could have been more. ...Thanks, so much for the interpretation of the dream; it has really helped. I just wanted to share an insight from some writing which originated after meditating on your writing regarding the tonti connection.

"From my heart comes the knowing that the love shared between two wholly developed mates has the potential to be the greatest demonstration of God's love made manifest on this earth.  A stable, loving and, above all, balanced home life would provide such a wonderful environment for children, and they themselves would perpetuate this in society and in their relationships. Although this may take generations to become a fait accompli, I can see how changes that originate within the family unit and the tonti connection may be the way this is accomplished.

"I can see a possible way forward, Lansun, and I am thankful for your role in this insight."

In Love and Light,
Paula Miller
Welland, Ontario

A La Lansun

 Reflections of Light 
Sunday, May 31 2009

May 30 2009

"As soon as one conceives the sexual forms of dream language as symbols for more complicated things, the whole attitude towards the nature of the dream becomes at once more profound."
Carl G. Jung, Psychological Reflections
Bollingen Series XXXL, (c) 1953

The sexual connotations of dreams were strongly emphasized by Sigmund Freud who took the lid off Pandora's Box by bringing our subliminal desires and motives out in the open.  But what if there is more to such dreams than just suppressed desire?

Carl Jung, the world-famous Swiss psychologist and one-time student of Freud, believed there was indeed a lot more involved than just our personal and private fantasies.  To Jung, Freud's theory was too focused.  Jung believed the integration of the total Self was paramount, and in his opinion this involved developing the latent woman within man, which he termed anima, and the latent man within woman, or animus. He also believed that balance, coming to terms with both our inner and outer aspects, must first be achieved individually before a more complete relationship could exist with another.

But are we prepared to accept, much less mature, this latent side of ourselves?  Centuries of social conditioning have dictated the roles in life prescribed for both men and women.  Women were expected to be primarily passive and submissive, which inhibited their chance to develop initiative or express their talents or abiities.  They did not have any say at all regarding the laws of the land in which they lived until August 1920 when the the United States Congress ratified the 19th Amendment, giving women the right to vote.

Is is interesting that out of the whole country only Wyoming had already granted women this privilege.  And so secure were they in this that when they were told they could not allow it if they became a State since no other State did, they turned down Statehood!  Obviously, the rule was relaxed and they did become a State, so hats off to their enlightened determination.

Men have not escaped restrictions that take a different kind of toll on the personality.  They were socially conditioned to be aggressive, to suppress their sensitivity.  Empathy, the ability to relate emotionally to another, does not make ruthless soldiers.  And this long-term role of warrior has played its part in inhibiting and suppressing the emotional and intuitive side of man.

During my research there were many dreams submitted that might have been casually dismissed as a product of sexual repression or conflict.  Yet when these dreams were studied in depth, they revealed insights and a definite purpose that had nothing at all to do with human sexuality. Both men and women can receive messages from their latent side.  Such dreams are direct and informative, and should be understood because in essence you are being told to pay attention to this inner self.  The basic message is balance.

Woman often develop their anima strength through the circumstances in their lives. Yet they recognize that in situations involving a show of initiative or affirmative action,  sex discrimination still exists in our society today. So they may suppress, or even deny these latent abilities instead of incorporating them in an expression that blends the two.

Men involved in highly right-brain creative work may forget their nature's dominant left-brain side and suppress their logical, analytical side.  Or the opposite.  Men can allow the left brain to be totally dominant and dismiss their intuitive, feeling side as "unimportant and illogical." These men received dreams of being "wooed" by their anima, seeking acceptance and incorporation of their inner nature.

What we are being told is that we are both; a primary or outer expression and a secondary or inner expression, and the true Self consists of both. The corpus callosum between the two sides of the brain is the connecting link that when well developed allows us to make full use of our whole Self's abilities.  In my book* Chapter Six, Sex Symbolism presents actual examples of this inner communication in dreams and the lessons involved.

It is truly a new age. The limiting prejudices and restricted roles of the past must give way for the new person who is capable of expressing his or her balanced whole Self.

*What Are Your Dreams Telling You?  3rd. edBookstore has online discount.

Copyright (c) 2009 A La' Lansun
Solarium Analytika

Posted by: Solarium Ananlytika AT 04:43 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
Sunday, May 31 2009

When the term "teenager" became the basic description of human beings between the ages of thirteen and nineteen, it was just another example of our propensity to divide rather than unite.  The term ushered in a limbo group --- not children, not adults.  Denied certain rights on one hand; permitted certain privileges on the other.

Considered sub adults by society, limited punishment for major crimes is one privilege still in existence, but for how long?  More and more pressure is being exerted to try minors who commit worst crimes as adults. And when their hoped-for sense of responsibility has not been encouraged or developed, the crime rate among this group speaks for itself.

After our two-hundred-plus years of history, parents today face problems not even considered back then.  Here and there a bad apple might show up, but the majority of young people were too busy with chores to dream up mischief. Country living demanded hard work by every family member.  City dwellers may have had it a bit easier, but the rules were strict. Young men, especially, were expected to pull their own financial weight early. So why have we somehow assumed that this part of humanity does not need to contribute if we are all to survive on this revolving ball in space?

I do not mean labor.  For a teenager I am speaking of the desire to educate yourself to the highest degree you can obtain and learning to assume responsibility for your own actions.  As for parents, I am speaking of wise authority, which can be abdicated through ignorance, indifference, or financial pressure that requires the combined income of both parents tp survive and limits parental time.

As caring parents of course we desire to make it a bit easier for our children if we can.  But what is "easier" if they are passed ahead in school when they have not learned the required lesson?  And passed ahead in life the same way?

In its truest form discipline is not punishment.  It should be a guideline toward effective self-government.  People who learn early in life to accept responsibility for their actions are ahead of the game. They make better decisions, carry out plans, and are more discerning about human errors, including their own. Using good judgment requires emotional control and foresight.

I remember my friend's grandmother who lived in the big house on the corner.  There was a big yard to care for and the young men who performed this task did an excellent job because she paid by the job they did.  A dollar job was paid accordingly; so was a five-dollar job.  For some of these kids it may have been their initiation; their discovery of the feeling of pride and satisfaction that comes with doing something well.  

Or take the special day when young girls graduated from bobbie socks to their first pair of sheer stockings.  Or the pride young boys felt wearing their first long pair of pants; that first manly tie was a thrill!  Or the first time you rode in the front seat with your Mom or your Dad on a family outing.  Such rites of passage served a good purpose.  They gave young people something to be attained, a sense of arrival.  They marked important milestones; incentives we don't supply anymore.

Anticipation  has been stolen from today's young people.

Out of date?  Not as many teens as you might think laugh at this simplicity.  They sometimes express a sincere desire to go back to some older ways because of the built-in security they provided.  The limits allowed or demanded were a safety net they could rely on when their own judgment was still nebulous.  

Adults created the term teenager.  We have also created some of the problems.   We need to give back to these young people a sense of dignity and purpose.  Why not take the first step and eliminate the term teenager? Thus reducing separation. Why not address them as they are --- young people who have no excuse for irresponsible behavior just because they are experiencing a stage of growth everybody goes through? 

Fortunately, we did correct one injustice.  Eighteen- to twenty-year olds once had no voice in electing the Commander in Chief or the Congress that could ask them to possibly make the supreme sacrifice.  But many people still commercially exploit the self-absorption traits teens often exhibit.  

The tremendous energy of this age group is a potent factor for good as well as for harm.  This is the generation that will sit in Congress, sit in the Halls of Justice and in the seats of Power and Commerce.

Rites of Passage have long been recognized in many lands and among many cultures as a means of implanting responsibility and self-control in young people through a period of denial that is openly rewarded by an important advancement of some kind when this period ends.

And when we ignore such ancient wisdom, we pay a price.

*   *   *

Addendum: July 23, 2009:  The teens highlighted on a recent Dr. Phil show who were considering "21 shots" of liquor" as a Rite of Passage on their 21st birthday to celebrate reaching legal age only proved they are still emotional babies who do not yet comprehend consequences.

Copyight (c) 2007 Solarium Analytika

Posted by: Solarium Analytika AT 04:40 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
Sunday, May 31 2009

Modern civilization has made woman a little wiser, but . . .
she became the victim of the present;  . . .In the past she walked
blindly in the light, but now she walks open-eyed in the dark.
                                                                        ---Kahlil Gibran*

    He was shiny clean, even dressed in cutoff shorts and an old T-shirt.  An old bicycle held a worn bag of tools.  The red setter with him wagged a friendly greeting, unimpressed by my dog's bold challenge from behind the safety of the screen door.
    "I trim palm trees for a living."
    Like a conditioned reflex, the rent increase, high utility bills and other financial demands crossed my mind.  My answer was sharp and automatic:  "I'm sorry.  I'm renting, and I paid for those trees to be trimmed last year, but my landlord. . ."
    "You weren't repaid.  I'm sorry."  Warm brown eyes told me he really was sorry.  There was something about his physical movement and speech that hinted at a slight handicap of some kind, but his manner was open.  And by the sincerity of his answer, there was no handicap on his heart. 
    I closed the door firmly on Arizona's summer heat.  Then it hit!  Why hadn't I at least offered a cool drink of water to both the man and the friendly dog?  Was my heart handicapped?  Something tight snapped inside me; I felt a sudden rush of tears.  I also felt shame.  But when I ran outside to call him back, he was already way down the block.  I watched the bicycle and dog turn the corner at the end of the block.
    I tried to check the tide of rising shame I felt by logic.  I'm not a cruel person.  I keep a birdbath filled; I help strays, both animal and human, if I can. But something inside wasn't fooled.  I saw with lightning clarity how completely I'd fallen into the trap.  Money.  Everything measured and weighed and decided by its dollar outlay.  And the defensive fear this creates when the outgo always seems to exceed the income.
    I wasn't always like this. Once I had an inner knowing that saw past appearances, beyond spoken words to read the heart of others no matter what the situation or circumstance.  Yet the constant expense to keep an old car running, a demanding job and, most of all, the pressure of being a woman alone with the full responsibility of a child had dimmed my sensitivity to the need of another.
    I saw something else, mind-shaking in its impact.  How many other women are experiencing this same change?  Thrust into a competitively oriented society, struggling against many inequities, what happens to our nature?  Our very unpreparedness for so many responsibilites works against us.  Centuries of a role of passiveness and submissiveness have not equipped us to cope with so many new situations. Called upon to fill so many roles at once:  breadwinner, homemaker, mother-father, housekeeper, errand boy, chauffeur, bookkeeper -- the list seems endless.  Is it any wonder we sometimes feel we cannot cope with it all? 
    With  today's high divorce rate some men may also be experiencing many new demands for the first time because for how how long did women handle the details that allowed their mates to concentrate on the business of earning a living.  Getting clothes to the cleaner and children to after-school activities; handling deliveries, repairmen; settling sibling disputes before daddy gets home, taking care of a sick child, preparing endless meals and washing endless loads of clothes.  How many women are still handling most of these details plus an outside job? And some are handling it alone. 
    How many men find these dutie have now been added?  I didn't  meet many men during my after-divorce years who could handle all of it when children were involved -- even with the help of a housekeepr or weekly cleaning woman.   A lot of them solved the problem by remarrying quickly if they could find someone who'd take on the job.
    I also learned the hard way that equal education and ability were no guarantee I'd receive equal oportunity and pay.  There were still too many men in managerial positions who believed:  "Oh, she'll just work till she gets married again and some man will suppprt her.  So why pay more?"  Or the other cop-out: "Why take the pay away from a man with a family to support?"
    No one ever explained to me why that didn't also apply to me when I had a family to support. This attitude may have been more pronounced in the fifties and sixties, but it still exists, especially in some large corporations. And I've watched a kind of Sisterhood gradually replace the touted female rivalry of the past.  Was this much maligned competitiveness, mirrored in novels and plays, ever really a part of woman's true nature?  Or was it forced on us by the limited opportunities women had, which guaranteed competition for male support and vicarious prestige?   Are we still bowing before standards predicated on income, prestige, and power?  What happens to the real strength of women when measured by these standards?
    I couldn't stop the rush of insight or the tears.  I didn't want to.  I let the feeling of shame for my insensitivity to another wash over and through me -- full force!  It was a cleansing flow; too long denied, too long delayed.  I let the insight continue.  I had some soul-searching to do; some hard questions to explore.  If I had denied so much of my true nature, what I had already lost was more valuable than anything I had gained.
    How and when had I turned my back on the woman of me and accepted the shallow measurement that uses a dollar as a yardstick of my worth?  When had fear taken over as the prime mover of my decisons and actions?  Had it secretly happened to other women I knew?  If so, have we sacrificed the inner quality that is Woman's special contribution to the world -- our abiity to nourish, to sustain, to inspire? Great womem have always fought for human rights and the dignity of the human spirit rather than for their own aggrandizement or financial reward.
    Our men do admirably in so many areas of life, but they don't have all the answers to the difficult questions facing the world taday.  Nature reflects a polarity balance -- yin and yang, working in harmony to keep things straight. Women should reach for positions of authority and power, but only if we use these positions and power to balance human affairs.
    Men have had centuries to learn how to deal with the situations many of us are facing for the first time.  No wonder we sometimes meet situtations very emotionally; no wonder our stress indicator goes off the chart! We're struggling to find out who we are in this transitional age.  We're developing logic and impersonal attention, but we are often still victims of too much empathy and not enough self-assurance and sense of self-worth.


The challenge is good!  We need to balance our emotional nature with mental clarity and a degree of detachment and discernment.  We need to be assertive when principles are at stake.  There's a lot of down-home wisdom in the saying "The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world."  But what are we doing to help the growing number of women who struggle alone to make ends meet? What are we doing to change an economic system that demands two salaries to have a home and ignores the result -- children,  guardians of our future, often left to the care of others who may not be qualified for this important job?
    Yet money always seems to be available to build more prisons!
    And what about our confusing role in sexual encounters? The media tells us we are man's equal. But look at the physical difference in such an enounter.  Man projects - woman accepts.  He releases - she receives.
    Receives what? That is the question she should ask.
    The Women's Liberation Movement arrived on time because it has its roots in the needs of all people.  It is a struggle for dignity, for a sense of worth, for the right to give and receive love and respect.  The right to use talents and abiities constructively.  Perhaps more is asked of women today than at any other time in our history because rigid rules have been relaxed, which creates new demands. 
     The world needs the wisdom of the heart as well as the wisdom of the mind.  It may continue to be propped up by technology, but will it be worth occupying?
    I opened the door one sweltering August day to see a childlike man and a friendly red dog.  But they opened a larger door in me.  A door I had almost forgotten.
     I was the one who received a cool drink of water that day.

*The Broken Wings:  The Citadel Press, Inc., New York, NY,1957. Translator: Anthony B. Ferris.

Copyright (c) 2007 by Anne Forrest Elmore

Solarium Analytika

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Sunday, May 31 2009



Mama Mimi

Pookie jumped straight up in the air!  There it was again!  It was soft and fluffy   It was also the nosiest bit of stuff he had ever met!

Every time he tried to lie down for his usual nap, there it was . . .tickling his toes, pouncing on him from around corners.  It even had the nerve to curl right up beside him, just as sweet as you please.

Frankly, he was jealous.  He had been king for so long.  And now to have to share the attention of HIS family with, of all things, a CAT!  Granted it was a mighty little cat, and a mighty cute one, too.  But POOKIE's feelings were ruffled by this unexpected addition to the family.

He told himself it was not that he wasn't big enough to share his family with another. It was. . . well, it was a nuisance!  It took over his favorite spot by the heat vent.  It pushed its way into his dinner plate and helped itself.  And every time he wagged his tail, little paws pounced on it!  He was getting afraid to wag it.  Then how could a little dog talk?

To boot, he had to endure the final insult.  This bit of fluff was always waiting when he came in from his daily stroll.  So he had to close his eyes real tight and pretend to like it while a little sandpaper tongue washed all the rain or snow off his face.  Nobody said what a good dog he was to allow such an invasion of his privacy.  All they did was ooh and aah over the "cute" little kitten.  It was enough to make a small sausage-type dog run away from home!

As if this wasn't enough to try even the most patient's pup's heart, last night this invader climbed merrily up on Linda's bed and settled down in HIS usual place in "purrful" content.

THAT DID IT!  That REALLY did it!  He spent a gloomy, restless night in the big chair in the living room.  The coziness of the chair did little to comfort his little dog heart.

The next morning the first time the front door opened, out he scooted.  Maybe he could find some peace from a small nose poking him and kitten-size paws grabbing his tail.  He had to think about this.  He really had a situation here.  Something had to be done.

He thought about running away.  He pictured the worried looks on the faces of the family when he did not answer their calls for supper.  He could see Linda peeking in all of his favorite spots, getting more and more anxious . . .maybe even crying a little.

But this would leave the field wide open to the bit of fluff!  No. Something else would have to be done . . .and soon!

Happily, he saw Wise Old Dog meandering down the street toward him.  Now experience had taught POOKIE that Wise Old Dog always seemed to have a solution for every problem.  So he greeted his friend affectionately and got right to the point of his problem.

Wise Old Dog listened with that patient, thoughtful way he has.  He was quiet for a moment.  His silence made POOKIE a little afraid that maybe he had run across a problem even Wise Old Dog could not solve.

Then Wise Old Dog looked him squarely in the eye and said:  "Do you think that your family does not love you anymore?" 

POOKIE thought about that for a minute.  He admitted that, yes, the thought had crossed his mind.  They certainly seemed to pay more attention to the newcomer than to him.

Wise Old Dog looked hard at him; then surprised POOKIE.  "Have they asked you to leave?  Or talked about giving you away?

POOKIE's heart almost stopped at this horrible thought!  But he had to admit, honestly, that no such awful things had ever been suggested.

Again Wise Old Dog kind of shook him up.  "Then what are you so steamed up about?"

POOKIE looked at him blankly.  Hadn't he heard a word he'd said about the worrisome things this invader was doing?  Especially about sleeping in HIS place on Linda's bed!

Wise Old Dog sensed his young friend's confusion, and added:  "I mean, Pookie, you live in a big house where there is much love.  Surely such a little kitten can't take up all of it.  Isn't there room and love enough for both of you?  Could you see this little kitten as a friend?  As somebody to keep you company when all the family is out?   A cozy, warm buddy on a cold night to sleep close to?"

Wise Old Dog looked at POOKIE a lttle sternly.  "Maybe your family has not made much fuss over you because you are not being very nice about this.  Maybe you show your jealousy and act cross about it.  You know ATTITUDE toward something often sets the course it takes --- and the response it brings from others.  Whether it becomes a nice thing and helps you.  Or whether it becomes something that makes you not very nice to be around."

Wise Old Dog continued.  "Do you remember when you were very young and left your mother?  You were lonesome at first, weren't you?  And you missed your brothers and sister, didn't you?"   POOKIE nodded.

"The little kitten is lonesome, too, Pookie, and maybe she crept close to you because she feels sort of lost inside.  She's still too young to take care of herself completely.  She still needs help in many ways.  So the extra care the family gives her is not to be mean to you, it's because she needs it.  Just as you did when you first came there as a little puppy.  They know you are strong and can take care of yourself.  So they do what needs doing for the littlest member of the family."  Wise Old Dog smiled at him.  "You could be a big help, you know."

POOKIE looked at his friend.  He knew Wise Old Dog had a special way of seeing right inside a problem, but at first he resented Wise Old Dog's Words.  Still, he tried to be 'big' about it.  "What do you mean, Sir?  What can I do to help?"

His friend looked at him a minute before answering.  He knew something of the struggle going on in Pookies heart, so he answered very gently.  "Why you might try going outside with the kitten and making sure no big dogs or cats harm her.  You know, Pookie, you are very brave."

POOKIE suddenly FELT very brave.

Wise Old Dog nodded to his young friend.  "She needs a protector right now.  Most dogs don't stop to think of something as young and helpless.  They just smell CAT! --- and away they go!  Some of them would hurt her, too, if they caught her.  She is used to you.  You are her friend, so she is not aware that other dogs may not be friendly.  She needs you, Pookie."

The thought of being needed, even by a silly bit of fluff, made POOKIE feel important.  As usual, Wise Old Dog had the answer.  POOKIE thanked him for his help.  Wise Old Dog wagged a smile and went on down the street toward his house.

POOKIE sat on the front porch for a long time, thinking about the things Wise Old Dog had said.  He knew in his heart that Wise Old Dog was right.  The kitten could be hurt by the big dogs in the neighborhood.  There was that grumpy boxer next door who could really be mean.  Towser chased cats, squirrels . . .anything he could make run scared.

POOKIE remembered his first meeting with Towser and how his own heart had thudded at the size of the big dog.  POOKIE had stood his ground, and now the two were friends.  If he set himself up as the kitten's protector, he felt sure Towser would honor this and leave the kitten alone, no matter how tempting she might look bouncing around.

So he made his decision.  He would do as Wise Old Dog said.  He would change his ATTITUDE.  He would make a friend of the kitten instead of seeing her as an invader, something to resent.  With this, he WOOFED his signal to be let back in the house.

And do you know, POOKIE did just as he decided to do.  He helped the little kitten in so many ways.  He guarded her when she was outside.  He let her curl up close to him at night, and found he actually enjoyed her soft little body close to him.  The purring noise was nice to listen to as he drifted off to sleep.  He even got used to the rough little tongue washing.

And you know what?  Something wonderful happened.  When the family saw his protective and loving ATTITUDE toward "Cuddles," as Linda named her, they  oohed and aahed over him.  They held him especially close and told him so many times:  "What  a smart  little dog you are. What a good little dog you are."

So you see, Wise Old Dog was right.  By changing his ATTITUDE, POOKIE changed the whole situation into one that made everybody happy . . .especially POOKIE!


 The End

Copyright (c)) 2008 by Anne Forrest Elmore
 (a.k.a Mama Mimi)
Solarium Analytika


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Sunday, May 31 2009

Another "What If" Story

Truth may be stranger than fiction, but fiction often echoes truth.

In Mary Shelley's classic Gothic tale of Frankenstein by the poet's young wife there is a strange relevance to a well-known biblical story, which may be an echo of an even stranger truth if you consider the biblial statement of the first creation:   And God said let us make man in our image.
Genesis:  1 : 26, 27) 
Genesis: 2 : 7 & 5 : 2  Is the story of a second creation, Adam and Eve, one formed from the dust (elements) of earth through genetic breeding that blended an unevolved species of man with a higher evolutionary species? 

The plot sharpens quickly when you consider the character Dr. Polidari's statement to Dr. Frankenstein:

So long as your creation was beautiful and innocent, you
loved him.  When he became ugly, you cast him aside. 

Mary Shelley's story ends with the creature wandering lost and alone in the frozen arctic wasteland while his creator, Dr. Frankenstein, stumbles after him, pleading for forgiveness.

Now back to Adam-Eve.  Innocent and obedient, the "gods" accepted and cared for their adamic creation, but when this hybrid began to show signs of independent thought and action, the gods' did not like this:  "They might become as one of us!" 

So they cast their creation out of their protective care (Eden). Withdrew their support and guidance, leaving their hybrid creation to shift for itself, which it was ill equipped to do since it had been little more than a pet --coddled, directed, and controlled.

Left to himself/herself ADAM/EVE reverted to the strong pull of the primitive ways inherited through the physical form and, as in the Frankenstein story, the "process" began to reverse itself. Unable to cope with existence in a harsh lower vibration, the higher nature was soon dominated by its "dust" nature that was better acclimated to the lower dimension's level of existence.

This insight in a story written by a girl in her teens was not as discernable in the Hollywood version, which concentrated on shock and horror. But a later television version titled The True Story lifted a veil and created pity for this creation who, through no fault of its own, began to lose the beauty and innocence of its original creation. 

The television story further relates that it was "shock" which caused the reversal. The lower vibration of the denser physical form was unable to maintain the implanted higher vibration and could not integrate with it completely. (You cannot put 220 volts though a 110 socket!)

Not hard to understand if you consider that a similar condition happens when the physical body rejects a transplanted organ taken from another, even though the organ may be necessary to continue life. This built-in protection against disease, the ability to create antibodies to destroy an "invader," functions automatically without regard for our total well-being.  It blindly does its job without the ability to reason.

Thus when the Sons of Light "mated" with the lower evolving species of earth (daughters of man), the integration did not "take" completely. The higher vibration's nature eventually succumbed to the strong instincts of the egoic form and the higher nature came under the control of the lower.

Is it the eternal quest of this hybrid creation to  once again attain the implanted elevation of mind and spirit that it once experienced? To reach a memory that still echoes in the soul of mankind?  The form/ego it occupies delays it, but the light within, although dim, pressures it. A creature of duality, at odds with itself, it gazes at the stars and a stirring within answers a call it cannot remember or explain. It responds without knowing why.

Guided by his sires, who had to accept the bitter lesson that under Universal Law interference with a species' evolution requires guardianship until their creation achieves its latent potential,  this long struggle imprisoned both the Sons of Light and mankind.  For the guardian suffers the same prison term as his prisoner.  

Is hu-man finally ready for a giant step in spiritual evolution? Ready to be instructed in its true heritage and eventual goal? Ready to forgive its creators and understand the long, painful guardianship that has been exercised over it? To realize the sacrifices that have been made? 

To welcome the Light Bringers who have suffered and died at mankind's hands many times so that more light might penetate his mind and divine law be established in his world?

What if Lucifer, whose very name means Light Bringer, represents the gods who were the initiators of hu-man's begetting? Enlighteners who tried to speed up the painfully slow evolution of an earlier, primitive expression of man?

Consider that Satan and Lucifer are not the same.  What if the individual ego that developed in hu-man  is actually his Satan --- the lower nature that is unwilling to give up its control?  While the "Light Bringer" is actually a higher evolutionary spirit that has put on the painful garment of flesh many times as a martyr to man's redemption from the catastrophic error of gods who interfered with a planet's  evolutionary plan. There is a great lesson here, one mankind must remember.  

Interfere with the Creator's Plan at your own risk! 
*   *   *

 Provoking thought is our favorite pastime.
                                     --The Guardians

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Friday, May 22 2009

Letters From Angelic Realms

In all of your information getting, get Love.  It is the highest attainment in the universe.  It is the Golden Path to heaven.

We have stated this before, and will state it again and again.  The information carried on the beams of light being transferred into the thoughts of men and women on your planet is transferred when called for.  You have heard the term "highest calling," which carries the same meaning as "ask and you shall receive." 

So Call God!  Call the Angels!  You make phone calls daily on earth.  Why not make your highest calling to the spiritual realms? 

When your creative center, the core of your being, is trying to "harmless be," you are based in Love and connected to Spirit.

Remove hate from your life. Become neutral in your thoughts, without ego judgments or opinions.  Both are obstacles that literally keep you from being a centered being.  They create static in your connection to Spirit.

As long as obstacles block clear communication you limit your ability to connect with your highest calling.  Blessings will also be limited because of their inability to navigate freely to you.  The power that creates blessings travels through the beams of light unfettered when the channel is clear.

Love, dear ones, is neutrality.  Love is acceptance, and acceptance contains no judgment of another.  If all peoples on earth were nurturing, heaven would be in place on earth.  Instead, what has been created on earth is a mix of heaven and hell.  And make no mistake about this next statement: Hell is not of God's making!  Hell is a very low vibration created by man.

When mankind turned its back on God Principles, its creation became lacking in love.  Love is the dividing line, if you will, between heaven and hell.  Love can only exist in the higher vibrations known as heaven.  Without love, life is truly hell, for God's grace is not available in hell. 

Mankind has only two choices -- Heaven or Hell;  positive or negative. And we use the terms positive and negative not in the electrical sense but in the known sense on your planet as they relate to good and evil.  Reverse the word 'live' and you create 'evil;.

Father-Mother God's (Pair Essence) gift to their children is free will.  You can choose to create positive changes in your life and your planet, or you can choose to create negative changes for yourself and planet earth. If you choose to destroy the planet, you destroy yourselves along with it.

All life is cyclical.  How else would you learn the lesson of Cause and Effect?  What do you want to experience, over and over again?  If you choose the lower vibratory path you will experience the effects of that which you caused.  You will be your own 'devil' [lived  backward]!

You are seeing the consequences today of rigid hate --- War.  In world catastrophes such as poverty and plagues  In increasing earthquakes, famines, violent storms, and killing droughts.  Nature responds to mankind's vibrations.

But the lack of Love will be the saddest consequence of all.

Awakening collective minds of earth are now seeing the harm perpetrated by those who refuse to become harmless, and these awakening ones will no longer tolerate such harm-filled thoughts. Those who will not change their harmful ways will be isolated. Not in the manner you currently employ on earth to house your criminals, but rather they will be "loved" into another reality. They will be rehabilitated by understanding individuals assigned to their care and instruction.

Become allies with Love and Light. To form an alliance with the matter of earth is to cut yourself off from the source of life.  To condemn yourself to repeated lifetimes of birth and death until you respond to your call home from beloved Mother-Father God.

You are creators, born in the divine image.  Choose now what you will create.  Choose wisely, dear ones, for the sake of the universe.

Peace be with you.  Adonai Vasu  ---Xanthu.

*   *   *

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Thursday, May 21 2009

Update to a Reception on February 12, 1958
The Solar Cross Foundation

An individual's true being is capable of being conditioned before experiencing incarnate physical life.  This conditioning is similar to what your people call a post-hypnotic suggestion that can be activated by certain key events or sound vibration.  To illustrate:  An individual is incarnate on your planet and the awareness of its Being contains knowledge acquired through many lifetimes.  However, by the use of certain conditioning this information is partitioned off from this one's conscious awareness.  This "veiling," and the reason for it, is understood by the individual before becoming incarnate.  Such conditioning is not imposed by others.

I am speaking now of one of our people (MAN) who is functioning in a "hu-man" body on earth.  MAN does not enter a human body through the birth process.  It is only his awareness and spirit that become incarnate in an earthly human body. MAN does not re-incarnate on earth.  Were he to do so he would undergo a unique change and be of the race of Men.  Thus, in order to remain MAN only spirit and awareness become resident in a human body.  He is then MAN incarnate. You must realize the difference between the process of birth (reincarnate) and Exchange (incarnate)

In order for this person to be effective on your planet, total recall of awareness remains veiled until it is required. Then, depending on the type of predetermined trigger, MAN's awareness gradually returns.  The timing is determined by the nature of events and their relationship to MAN's mission.

MAN must always volunteer for such missions.  Few among you appreciate MAN's self-imposed handicap, that of trying to perform a mission with veiled awareness in a difficult environment.  In addition, there is the trauma, both mental and emotional, of being exposed to the lower vibration and negative thinking of humankind.  Many hardships are experienced because of this, which takes time to undo after the "human ordeal" is ended.  A clearing process is necessary.

But, regardless of the difficulty, many of our people (MAN) --- both Male and Female polarities --- volunteer to come to your planet to be of service to humankind.  It is a work of love and a mission of importance.

Often groups or teams of our people are needed for a particular mission since some tasks require the efforts of many.  When these incarnate ones meet it is not uncommon for them to sense and become aware of their real relationship with one another.  They sense the Light of MAN in each other.  Remember, each member of the group is veiled to some extent as an individual. 

When a sense of oneness develops, this is the Light within recognizing itself in another.  Sometimes it is sensed as an enveloping warmth of unity and harmony.  Or it can be an emotional feeling of love and companionship.  It can also be the desire to be with another. If this perception produces physical awareness it should not be shunned because it is the Light within each person seeking to express itself.

One's own awareness and discernment can always detect love's radiation and sense the difference from that of simple physical desire.

All Light and Love, however and wherever manifest, is seeking to coalesce and become one.  When you recognize the love and light in another it is because your higher awareness acknowledges its source --- Radiance.  This may explain the unique relationships present among your groups.
      --Adonai Vasu, Hatonn

 Addendum:  December 13, 2007 A La' Lansun

We have been told that the Solar Cross operates on three levels of being or awareness.  Thus the hu-man personality, being the lowest vibratory level, is capable of experiencing the birth process to provide a vehicle that can operate on earth.  The higher aspect oversees this lower aspect and experiences through it as a sort of guardian angel. The lower personality or ego must acknowledge its higher self and clear all agreed upon karmic debris and negative thoughts and actions as part of the contract to clear the way for the higher vibration to take over. 

In a dream my human self was a horse my higher self was riding as it climbed up a steep mountain. Near the top the horse seemed to run out of steam. The higher self then leaped over the horse's head to the top of the mountain, reached down and took hold of the horse's bridle and pulled the horse (persona) to the top of the hill.  Page 153 in What Are Your Dreams Telling You? (Bookstore) mentions this partnership aspect of the Horse symbol.

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Thursday, May 21 2009

     Of All the arts writing may be the most disciplined, the most mature expression, involving as it does not only inspiration and technique but understanding and insight.  The depth of writing comes from the writer's own self.  Years of being a sponge are absorbed and understood before the results can be translated into effective words.
    The statement that reading makes a full man; writing makes a precise man is true. In the struggle to express what you feel or know, your "tools" (words) are constantly sorted over to find the best ones to clearly express a feeling or idea; paint a mental picture. As someone who spent several years involved in professional acting before turning to writing I once wrote: "As an actress I used emotion to express someone else's words and arouse feeling in my audience.  As a writer I first had to reach feeling, then carefully choose my words to arouse emotion in my reader."
     Writing with any depth begins with feeling that reflects universality if it is to create empathy in the reader.  Music can connect emotionally without stirring intellect. Art also has emotional appeal, plus visual appreciation. And both the artist and the musician always seem more at home with themselves than the writer.
     Why?  Beccause the writer always seems to be two people -- the Experiencer and the Observer.  The first, feeling the emotion of the moment. The second, standing in a corner analyzing, recording, remembering.
     Most of us learn to live with this paradox. In fact, I guess a writer is a paradox.  On the one hand you empathize with others deeply, feeling things intensely. On the other hand the Observer in  you creates an odd detachment, even in the midst of an intense experience. You act, and you react. At the same time you also observe your actions and your reactions!
     This sometimes causes problems in relating to others. They do not understand this strange ability to see beyond the moment or emotion, and may consider it coldness.  It is not, most definitely.  It is your purpose as a translator of human experience into insight for the benefit of others who do not possess this particular kind of mental duality.
     For this reason writers are often misunderstood -- except by other writers. People you love deeply may sometimes feel this indicates a lack of caring. Nothing could be further from the truth, but this is how it may appear to them. The writer is first a writer, and then a person.  Or so it seems. It is as if there is something inside that will out -- whether you want it to or not. And this nagging creativity will not let you rest.  It will not let you settle for outlets others find completely fulfilling.
     Most people go through an experience and then move on, only vaguely sensing what it was all about.  But the writer always has to know what it was all about. In retrospect you always turn even the most intense feeling inside out.  My sister once asked me:  "Why do you have to pick the petals off the rose?"
     I could only answer that picking off the petals would uncover causes; maybe even answers. So in a way a writer may be a mind surgeon exposing cancers in the collective mind. And because of the courage to expose them, all are  challenged to seek solutions.
     In spite of all this writers can have exceptionally full lives; can experience special relationships because we grow as we write.  We learn, even as we teach. We see, even as we observe.
     And, eventually, we learn to accept and live with this peculiar duality that makes us what we are -- writers!

*   *   *

Copyright (c) 2007 by Anne Forrest Elmore
Solarium Analytika

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Thursday, May 21 2009


 Punctuation: The Power Of
Every good writer knows it:  Every reader should respect it.

Punctuation in skillled hands is a remarkably subtle system of signals,
signs, symbols and winks that keep readers on the smoothest road.
      ---Rene J. Cappon, The Associated Press Guide to Punctuation.

Highly Recommended:
A dash of style, the art and mastery of punctuation by Noah Lukeman
ISBN 978-0-393-32980-3 pbk, W.W. Norton and Company, 2007

Every Writer should take a good look at this very special bookWhy?

Because if you were telling me a story as you sit opposite me, you would have several tools at your command to help make your thoughts clearer:

  • facial expressions
  • hand gestures
  • tone of voice/volume
  • pauses, both long and short
  • complete stop and change of direction/thought
  • wait for answer or comment after asking a question

Skillful use of punctuation compensates for the absence of these "meaning" clues because punctuation adds another dimension to the printed pages to guide the reader through the ideas, actions, and feelings being expressed.  It places emphasis.  It replaces the visible clues that accompany conversation,

It brings the written page alive for the reader. It ensures that your ideas are given their proper respect and feelings are personally experienced.

Every Reader should take a good look at this very special book.  Why?

Because a lot of people don't know how to read.  Oh, I'm not talking about the ABCs.  I'm talking about meaning and clarity.  About understanding and experiencing the written word.

If you don't recognize and honor the function and purpose of punctuation, you will not get the full benefit of what you read. For example:

  • That special mark, the comma. The pause that refreshes an idea just read or sets something apart.
  • A semicolon says make the pause longer and absorb more. 
  • Totally stop for a period; shift your mental gears and get ready for a new idea or approach.
  • Ask yourself the question being asked. 
  • Really get the point of an exclamation point. 

If the reader does not follow the writer's cues, reading can be as monotonous and meaningless as a Grade-Schooler's read-aloud.  The fullness of meaning is lost and memory is cheated.

Try it.  You'll like it!

Copyright (c) 2008 by Anne Forrest Elmore
Solarium Analytika


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Thursday, May 21 2009

Reception: January 5, 1987: 2:00 a.m., Monday  A LA' LANSUN
The Love Force -- A lesson in humility, true  humility -- is a paramount step on the road to fulfillment and freedom.

You ask questions, and  you receive answers.  Not always the ones you wish to hear.  Preparation is intense and long, but certainly not without purpose. What a waste of human life that would be. And human life is precious, a rare and wonderful gift, a great doorway, a magnificent key once you know how to turn it and find the lock it fits; indeed was created for.

Many in your world are discovering their keys and learning what to do with them. The roads are many, the paths differ, the destination is the same - ever the same. Freedom from limitation and fear. Ascension in its purest form, and entirely possible -- in fact, necessary through human form in your dimension.  Great mysteries lie within the human mind and form, unfathomable as yet. One day your scientists shall know the magnificence, the great purpose of human life. The veils will lift and mankind will behold its own godhood. That day is far away in fulfillent, yet so near [now here] in its beginnings. And each step taken gathers greater momentum until the rhythm of being rises and falls with each heartbeat. Man can hasten the day with the help that can be given. He has only to accept it.

The road to the summit is not easily traversed. Few make it. Yet even a few steps up this mountain are blessed, and none return the same. None can go back once they have begun the journey. They can only tarry on a plateau before pressing on.

You are the Love Force, you are the power of Light. You are a channel, as all are, for this great music of creation to play through. And the harmony of its music is felt all around you. You move as on a velvet carpet. You walk forward and doors appear where there were none. Unseen hands open each door and usher you through to greater joy and larger life.

There is no power in all creation greater. None can stand against the true force of Love flowing unimpeded through a channel of Light. It is not death of the ego, the human personality, it is the tranformation of it. It is the power to do, to be, to accomplish with greater ease and assurance. It is unlimited mind, unlimited knowledge -- all that is or ever shall be.

And you can tap this great force. You can experience and express it. You can BE it! You are Love Incarnate, if you will, for that is what God is.  And this god -- Love -- can conquer all.

You have no idea as yet how easy it is when you are Love. How beautiful your way or what a profound effect you have on everything, animate and inanimate, around you when you are a clear channel for Love to flow through you. Your very being, like a ripple in a stream, flows outward, touching other lives, other creatures in a positive, uplifting way. Without a word your very presence accomplishes miracles.

Your world does not understand Love. They interpret it as emotion; human needs, human likes and dislikes. The one canceling out the other. But Love, the great force, is POWER!  Power beyond your ken at the moment. It creates dominion over all and is indeed the royal passport to anywhere in the Creator's kingdom.  Therefore, it is well worth the journey. There is no door that is barred against it. There is no circumstance that does not bow before it. There is no condition it cannot change.


Let this force flow. It is not a personal thing. The ego does not have to experience it in personal terms; only let it work in and through you.  The prayer you often repeat, usually when all human knowledge and effort have failed:  "Love, THY will be done" is the most powerful request you can make.  Continue it. Make it your mantra, repeated daily and often. Then stand aside and permit your prayer to be fulfilled. 

Release this great force within and all else shall be added -- and swiftly, for this truly is the Kingdom of God.

Adonai Vasu

Lansun's comment:  In human terms this means that we have to also acknowledge Love's wisdom. That which Love decrees has its true purpose even if we do not understand its will.

Copyright (c) 2008 A La' Lansun

Solarium Analytika

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Wednesday, May 06 2009

The process by which the ego is integrated into the High Self (whole or Holy Spirit) is a transformative one.  The ego leaves behind the misconception that it is the "end all/be all"' of existence.  It must understand this basic truth before it can be vibrationally transformed because the ego's knowledge vibration is limited to physical power, which also limits the individual's ability to evolve.

The High Self cannot be reached by the ego until the ego "child" awakens to the understanding that it is only a part of the whole individual.  Through prayer and meditation, entering the silence within, the ego begins to glimpse the larger Self. It begins to understand that the evolutionary ability to reach higher knowledge is not available through earth informational sources.

When the ego is exposed to the unconditional love of its higher self, it starts to lose fear of the unknown that has blocked its progress so far.  When it experiences unconditional love for the first time, the feeling of a threat to its existence is removed. Only Love surrounds it, which opens the door for more of the same flow -- and healing takes place.   We say "healing" because it is not the natural state of existence for man in the Creator's Plan to be cut off from the Souce of love and wisdom.

The ego has been floundering a long time, unaware that it is only a part of the whole (see "Separation"). We have only to look at present conditions on earth to see that the majority of people are cut off from Love, unaware of the guidance available from their own higher self.

You will always be able to tell what or who ia guiding an individual. In ego-controlled individuals there is an absence of the abiity to express unconditional love. There will be an inability to accept differences; strife ensues, and strife is the absence of Joy. 

On the other hand if the High Self is the guide there will be an acceptance of others that carries no judgmental opinion.  Such people always seem able to transcend circumstances and express contentment and joy.

Be loving.  Be accepting of others.  If you believe in God, let God be the judge.  And when we say "judge," we refer to the Soul's ability to determine the best course in life for its growth process.

We were given free will, but in its ego vibrational form it has been the downfall of humanity.  It ran amuck on earth.  In its higher vibrational form free will is a blessing to the individual. It frees us to live life to its fullest according to divine direction that helps us experience all in life necessary for the growth of the Soul.

Don't impede or attempt to direct anyone else's life. If our Creator allows us free will, should we do any less?

Take care, dear ones.  Love and Light are always yours for the asking.

Adonai Vasu,

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Monday, May 04 2009

    The day carried no hint of the ordeal to come or the vital lesson it would teach. Winding up the asphalt road to Mt. Lemmon just outside of Tucson, Arizona, my sister and I drew deep breaths of pine-scented air  Gold leaves still clung to white-barked aspens. We could sense the faint tremor of life still left in the quivering leaves.
    Each time we took this trip to the top of the mountain the cares of the workaday world in the city below fell away with each turn of the wheels.  Sedentary and plodding all week, our spirits soared free in the crisp air of early fall.  For us the mountain had a magic of its own. Like a stored tonic it silently imparts energy to all who walk on its pine-needled floor or watch sunlight silver the long needles of tall Ponderosa pines. 
    Before today the mountain had always been an old friend, benign and healing.  There was no sign in the patterns of dappled sunlight on the familiar road that it would soon be a great teacher of one of the most important lessons I ever learned.
    The scent of wood ashes lingered from last night's fire in the living room of our friends' cabin.  We laughed. We visited.  We ate a simple, wholesome meal, enriched by good company and the sense of freedom the mountain always brought.  Then came our favorite time when each person did his or her own thing.  Some settled down to read or play cards. One or two curled up for a restful nap, wrapped in the fragrant air outside open windows.
    I decided to take a walk to my favorite lookout point. At the sound of the word "walk" every muscle in my two dachshunds went on alert.
    So off we went.
    I'd walked this way many times before. The narrow trail led to a jutting promentory of gray rock with a magnificent view of the undulating mountains and forested valley below. It was a perfect spot for reflection, for dreaming, or for just stretching out on the rough weathered granite to silently absorb the healing sights and sounds of nature. The dogs, ancient hunting instincts sharp, roamed ahead, noses quivering; their sturdy short legs covering an amazing amount of ground.
    I'm not sure how I lost the trail. It happened so quickly. One minute I knew exactly where I was --- and the next, the trees, the canyons all looked alike. All I did was turn off the trail ever so slightly to descend toward the sound of running water so the pups could have a cold drink.
    That's all.  So simple.
    Still I didn't panic. After all, I wasn't out in some deserted wilderness. Many summer cabins dot the side of the mountain.  I'd gone down to reach the stream. Therefore, all I had to do was go back up to hit the trail.
    But it didn't work that way. Suddenly there were several trails, all meandering off though the trees, winding deer paths that turned back on themselves or ended abruptly. If I could just get higher I'd be able to see my lookout point.
    Slowly I climbed, loose soil, mulch-like, slipped out from under my feet. At first I simply could not believe I was really lost. I hadn't gone that far off the trail. (Old timers just nod at this point.) My city body panted its rebellion.
    It is hard to convey what the next hours were like. I wandered up and down canyons, seeking some point of reference, some familiar landmark. Now following the creek, now wading in the cold water, slipping and sliding down steep rocks, even some I had to help the dogs over, while an overcast sky deepened and a drizzling rain began. My body chilled in my damp  clothing.
    Most of all I remember the mounting panic, something I'd never experienced before. Stories of people lost in the wild places of Arizona came back to haunt me. The natives have a healthy respect for the desert and the mountains, but here I was, the tenderest of Tenderfeet, stumbling around. I who couldn't even make it out of the Brownies and into Girl Scouts! The thought that it would be impossible for a helicopter to spot me in the thick growth of trees kept me moving.  Surely, I couldn't actually be lost!  Surely just over the next rise I'd see somebody --- anybody!  Another human form that could laonically point in some direction and say, "Oh, yeah, just follow that path and you'll hit the main trail back to the road." 
    But not one human voice joined the sound of rustling leaves and pine branches tossed by the blowing wind and rain.
    My muttered prayers increased their desperate pleading.
    I'm no stranger to normal human fears. But this was different. This was rapidly turning into fear so overwhelming that it smothered reason and the ability to think. When I stopped to catch my breath, I could hear my laboring heart pounding. I could actually see it thudding against my blouse. My sloppy joe sweather was ripped and wet through. My thin summer slacks were stained from frequent falls. My tennis shoes pushed painfully against my toes on downhill treks.
    I don't know how long I stumbled around, falling, rising again, slipping, sliding, crawling, until at one point I tripped over a log I did not see through my tears of fright. Over and over I rolled, feeling sharp rocks poke my bruised flesh, hearing loose stones rattle down around me.
    When I finally came to a stop I was at the bottom of a steep canyon, one of many I had so laboriously climbed, and which now rose ominously above me.
    Something inside of me broke. I could not contain my desperation any longer. I sobbed out my fear and pain, face pressed on moist earth. The dogs dropped down panting beside me, confused by my emotion.
    I had been praying continuously, pleading for help, both silently and out loud.  But now, suddenly, from somewhere deep inside I felt a surge of power and I "heard" words, intense and clear: "Realize your mind is your Father's mind as you will receive it.  Accept it and it shall be so."
    I reacted instantly to the intensity, pounding the wet earth, shouting over and over:  "My Father's mind is my mind and I will get out!  I will!  I will!
    Exhausted, dirt-stained, tear-streaked, I shouted defiance to my circumstances!  And it worked!  Dear God, it worked! When all the tearful pleading had only left me stumbling around in circles, fear mounting.
    Panic was gone. Quiet determination flooded through me, a force stronger than my aching muscles, my labored breathing and pounding heart. I got up painfully, ignoring a twinge in my right ankle. I didn't have time for a sprained anything! Night would come early because of the darkened sky, and nights were cold on this mountain once the sun's warmth was gone.
    I did not know which way to go. I still could not tell what ground I'd covered. But I put one foot in front of the other, and when my foot bumped against a downed tree, weathered gray and smooth, there was  a flash in my mind. I've been over this same tree before!  I must go the other way!
    I was numb.  But the overpowering fear was gone as if it had been wiped away by an unseen hand. It was even hard to remember the intensity of the fear that had engulfed me only moments ago.
    I took to the path beside the creek. After how long I do not know, wonder of wonders I heard human voices up ahead. Two boys splashing in the shallow creek stared at the sight of me. When I asked directions they pointed to a faint grassy trail that led me to the picnic area and the road. Now I knew where I was.
   But I could not make it up the hill to the Lodge for help; my legs began trembling uncontrollably. With rescue in sight, they gave up. And when a small dachshund rushed out from a roadside cabin and circled in stiff-legged appraisal of my two, I asked the man on the porch for a ride back to the cabin of my friends. I had been gone almost five hours, adding miles by my up and down search for a high place.
    I slept that night as if I'd never wake up, but wake I did to muscles screaming their protest of what had been demanded of them. They continued their painful complaints for a good ten days afterward.
    I still have clippings I collected about rescue efforts for people lost on the mountain. One professor rescued by Park Rangers required four days in the hospital to recover, but this forty-some female was back on the job in three days. A little slow getting around, but there.  Those who saw me after this kept shaking their heads, including the Emergncy Room doctor who gave me a muscle relaxer and treated the numerous scratches and bruises I'd acquired. After all it was physically impossible for a woman my age, lacking muscle tone, etc., etc., etc., to do what I did.
    But --- I did it! I did it because our Father's mind is our mind if we accept it, which can give us resources we are unaware of until we are tested. Until in desperation we claim the Spirit within as I did, face down on the damp earth of a mountain that challenged my faith to the limit.
    I have reached other points in my life when the way was unknown. When fear threatened to paralyze reason. When I felt lost in a maze of confusion and painful human experiences.  Then that day on the mountain comes back to me with a clarity that defies description, and I know the resources placed within each one of us.
    We just have to claim our Gift and keep putting one foot in front of the other, taking care of the immediate moment. We do not  journey alone. We will make it through whatever challenge confronts us.
   For nothing is impossible when His mind is in charge.

Copyright (c)  2008 Anne Forrest Elmore

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Monday, May 04 2009

Telepathic Reception: October 16, 1973

The primry cause of pain in your world is the resistance to the action of Light interpenetrating the body and mind mechanism of the creature form.  Your social mores contribute much to inhibiting the free-flow of this cleansing and regenerating agent since Love in your world is a conditioned emotion with rules that must be adhered to.

You give; but you must also take. You give as you deem it appropriate to do so, but your judgment is always based on conditioned attitudes. There is no such thing as emotional and mental freedom in your world.  Even the most uninhibited among you, one who explodes in either violence or simpering sentimentality, is reacting to previous conditioning. The explosion is usually the result of feelings repressed too long, while the flood of sentimentality is often more guilt-based or duty-prone than actual release of true love.

You are told whom you must love, and how much. And desperately needy and insecure souls will take all they can get. While those who might be purer channels for the wisdom of love often get caught in the world's religious net that emphasizes self-sacrifice as the basis for "pure" love.

How could any reasonable being condone Self-sacrifice?  The more you deplete the expression of your true self, the less you have to give another. You become only what other people expect you to be.  You play out your lives in an oscilating series of roles: mother/father, son/daughter. wife/husband, sister/brother, friend, enemy.  Yet these roles are only facets of your total self.  And even these roles are played according to the existing rules. 

  • The "good" mother who worries a lot, instilling fear in her offspring, discouraging exploration and self-trust. 
  • The "good" father who earns the family income, mows the grass, doesn't drink, but whose own stifled emotional development limits his ability to participate in human relationships, which leaves a deep hunger in all concerned, himself included.
  • The "good" son or daughter who foregoes his or her own fulfillment, or neglects their own families to care for a demanding and often selfish parent.
  • The "tactful" friend who never questions the opinion of a friend because such action would invite disagreement or unpleasantness.

How many "silent" sins are committed in the guise of love and goodness.  Sins more of omission than commission, leading to the greastest sin of all -- the erosion of integrity and the death of the Self.

*   *   *

Lansun's note:  When I received this "mirror" of our world it was not easy to look at, but I had to admit its truth.

Copyright (c) 2009 Solarium Analytika

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Monday, May 04 2009

Training the computerized mind and the body's reflexes to relax, to be 'still' if you will, is among the most difficult tasks to conquer on the path of changing from ego control to placing the High Self in command.

The ego likes noise and distraction. It thrives on the chaos of busyness. It feeds on these things, and on the energy of people in family, work, or society in general. The ego can be seen as a gatherer of energy from other physical sources. This explains why the ego is selfish. It knows that its very existence relies in direct proportion to how  much energy it can steal from others. And we say "steal" to emphasize the selfish nature of the ego. 

In some instances energy will be shared between one or more ego-driven individuals, involving a mutual understanding that there is mutual benefit in helping sustain one another. And this is as close to the state of loving the ego can get. Selfish acts comitted to preserve ego are seen every day in the world. And when the ego feels unloved it will try to get love from all the wrong places, for love is often confused with attention. If another individual is "paying attention" to an ego-based individual, the ego easily confuses the energy of attention with the energy of genuine love.

Selfish acts are committed every day because those committing such acts are desperate to fill the void or vacuum within themselves. The worst in your society -- rapists, murders -- have a black hole within where love should be. The chasm that exists within these individuals is so dark that the wisdom of Light and the healing power of Love cannot penetrate. Such individuals could be likened to the term "bottom feeders."  Light is almost nonexistent at the bottom of the ocean [consciousness].  We say "almost" nonexistent because the Light never goes out entirely. It only needs attention to flare up again and light the way to the surface dimension where Light and Love abound.

Ask yourself: To what degree am I ego bound?  How selfish am I? The best gauge by which to measure the extent of your ego's control over your actions is to ask yourself have I put the welfare of others into the equation?  Reining in the ego, enfolding the ego into your higher self begins when the individual asks, each and every time it interafaces with another, have I considered the needs of the other(s)? What is the impact of my actions or words on the other(s)?

It is at this point that integration begins by the ego allowing itelf to be absorbed into the realm of Love and Light. Under the direction of the High Self, the ego can now see itself for what it is and always has been -- a small part of the larger self. The separation* occurred when the ego saw what it perceived as a chance to shine all by itself in the world of matter. But the ego's  ability to sustain life from this lower energy source is only  temporary, always resulting in the eventual death of the body.  

Free will was given to the sons and daughters of Mother-Father God as the birthright of a god. If you are a son or daughter of God, are you any  less?  Of course not. In your purest state of existence, you are God Incarnate. And in this pure state of existence, free will would not be misused or used for any reason other than as intended by the Creator. Free will was the gift of creation, the ability to create Life, to control energy. God did not see, could not see, that a part of itself could break off, separate from itself since the physical experience is but an extension of God energy. It was meant to be heaven on earth, as in the Garden of Eden story.

Mother-Father God, not being physical/material in essence, could not forsee the "desire" power of the ego manifesting on earth. And the separation produced the duality we now live with --  Good and Evil  It is no mistake that certain words are descriptive of the "reversal" that occurred at this time. The word EVIL is LIVE in reverse. The word DEVIL is LIVED in reverse. GOD is DOG in revese, but not as it pertains to the animal.  In your society, when referring to an individual, it has a "bottom feeder" connotation attached to it. 

As the ego sees the example of Love and Light manifesting through other individuals, it observes a sense of peace and contentment within these individuals; a lack of chaos or emotional  turmoil, a letting go of the desire to control circumstances. 

Faith! It senses their faith. Their trust in someone or something other than themselves. It begins to ask questions. What is this someone or something that gives some individuals peace and contentment?  What is this feeling I sense when in their presence?  Acceptance? 

They do not want anything from me. They do not drain my energy. There are no conditions I must meet in order to be with them. And neither will they allow me to place conditions on them. From what source are they getting energy if not from others? There must be another source?

There is, dear ones. Open your heart and let it be healed by Love. Open your higher mind and let it be directed by the wisdom contained in the beams of Light now surrounding and penetrating your world.

So small was the level of love experienced by the ego that the abilities of the heart to expand were not utlilized. For as the phyical heart pumps life-giving blood throughout the body to nourish and sustain the entity, so does the Soul have a heart center to nourish and sustain its existence. And Love is the energy source that nourishes and expands the Soul. 

Love has no beginning and no ending. It is constant. It is always and will always be. To receive Love  we must be willing to share Love, for we will receive in direct proportion.  Love must flow. It cannot be harnessed or bottled up or possessed.  Possessions are physical.  Love is Universal. Think of it as a never-ending circle.  

It is whole (Holy). It is Ihe end all, Be All.

*See Separation - Enter the Ego 

                                                Adonai Vasu, Xanthu

                                       Copyright (c) 2009 Solarium Analytika


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Monday, May 04 2009

Reception: April 21, 2008

The process involved in the death sequence of your lives is so unnecessary.  You experience death because you cannot sustain life. Life, unadulterated, is effortless. Life sustains itself effortlessly when unimpeded by the blocks thrown in its way by ignorance.  Ignorance that ignores the loving instruction and guidance that is available and free for the asking.

Become neutral, and by that I mean not opinionated.  Having opinions about everything prevents the Light from guiding you effortlessly through your daily lives.  See opinions as rocks.  Heavy, unmovable rocks that impede your sight and your abiity to move in other directions.  Other directions that might be a better course of action.

Opinions are otherwise known as judgments.  Do you honestly believe you have the wisdom needed to decide the best course of action in each circumstance in your life or the lives of others?

Be still.  Become neutral.  Ask for guidance daily to allow your circumstances to be handled appropriately.  Allow yourselves to accept the right action to deal most effectively with the present circumstance.  Don't make the same mistakes of the past.  Opinions bind you to the past.  And even if circumstances appear to be the same as yesterday's, you can learn to deal with them in a better way.

On earth you develop habit patterns.  Routines, opinions about how to do things.  This is a rut, designed to keep you immobilized.  A grave you dig to bury yourselves so you don't have to experience the temporary discomfort of change.  You cannot make progress without change.  You need to remain fluid in mind and body; able to move mentally and physically.

Neutrality is another word for open-mindedness.  There is a fine line between opinion and discernment.  The first you want to lose; the second you want to develop.  Opinion locks the mind.  Discernment is an objective assessment of a situation, without ego or emotional involvement.  Know that opinion always has an intensity about it.  Discernment is neutral.

Your daily prayer should be:  Love, Thy will be done in my life and on earth as it is in the heavens.

Note:  Which means we also have to accept that there is a true purpose in Love's will, even if we do not understand it at the time.


Copyright (c) 2008 Solarium Analytika

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Monday, May 04 2009
I have beern virgin, wife, and lover. 

I have been a single parent with all the responsibilities this entails; self-supporting, menopausal, beloved, and forgotten. 

I have been a seeker of truth in many ways.

I have known love that transcends words. 

I have felt the beckoning finger of self-destruction and the feeling of despair and inadequacy that is his messenger.

I have laughed until I cried and cried until I laughed at my own foibles and self-delusions.

l have felt the earth groaning under the weight of humanity's spilled tears and blood; felt her agony induced by nuclear rending of her inner self. 

I have wept over the pitiful carcass of someone's loved cat or dog rotting by the highway, and cursed the speed and indifference that put it there.

I have known gut-knotting panic when my livelihood and that of my child were at stake. When an antiquated and unjust economic juggernaut threatened to grind the soul out of me.

I have nurtured the young;  understood the sprouting independent rebellion of the teens, and both loved and resented the old.

I have kicked off my shoes and dived in the pool of sexual freedom made so enticing today --- then alone in the night regained my center and realized the emptiness of the promise.

I have longed to fly and been forced to crawl.  Ached to express my inner being and been locked into roles by the needs of others.

I have been emotionally numb from too much pressure --- and longed for such numbness from too much pain.

I have watched the flame in me flicker low from want of another's caring;  felt it blaze into noonday brilliance in a tender moment of true meeting of hearts.

I have learned logic and reason and lost my heart's wisdom. I have sought answers from experts and found empty cliche's.

I have burned bras to defy my biological prison. Yet felt the deep contentment that only I can know when tiny hands move on my breast and an eager little mouth seeks life-giving nourishment from me.

I have resented man's illusion of superiority that creates acts of domination;  yet felt ageless when I filled his deeper need of me.

I have packed away so many dreams and private hopes; thrown away others. I have let some of my jewels slip through my fingers because I forgot who and what I Am.

And then painfully walked the inner path back to my center and met my god self.


Copyright (c) 2007 by A La Lansun


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