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The Tonti Conection
By: A La Lansun

   (Twin Flames)

Click Blog, The Tonti Connection Parts 1-5 and The Hare - Greek Symbols of the Logos Incarnate. Then listen to our recorded Live Teleconferences.  Click Reflections of Light Audio for other recorded inspirational insights. 

I want to share an email I received from a new Canadian friend who responded to The Tonti Connection in such a beautiful way.

"You are welcome for the donation; I just wish it could have been more. ...Thanks, so much for the interpretation of the dream; it has really helped. I just wanted to share an insight from some writing which originated after meditating on your writing regarding the tonti connection.

"From my heart comes the knowing that the love shared between two wholly developed mates has the potential to be the greatest demonstration of God's love made manifest on this earth.  A stable, loving and, above all, balanced home life would provide such a wonderful environment for children, and they themselves would perpetuate this in society and in their relationships. Although this may take generations to become a fait accompli, I can see how changes that originate within the family unit and the tonti connection may be the way this is accomplished.

"I can see a possible way forward, Lansun, and I am thankful for your role in this insight."

In Love and Light,
Paula Miller
Welland, Ontario

A La Lansun

 Reflections of Light 
Friday, May 22 2009

Letters From Angelic Realms

In all of your information getting, get Love.  It is the highest attainment in the universe.  It is the Golden Path to heaven.

We have stated this before, and will state it again and again.  The information carried on the beams of light being transferred into the thoughts of men and women on your planet is transferred when called for.  You have heard the term "highest calling," which carries the same meaning as "ask and you shall receive." 

So Call God!  Call the Angels!  You make phone calls daily on earth.  Why not make your highest calling to the spiritual realms? 

When your creative center, the core of your being, is trying to "harmless be," you are based in Love and connected to Spirit.

Remove hate from your life. Become neutral in your thoughts, without ego judgments or opinions.  Both are obstacles that literally keep you from being a centered being.  They create static in your connection to Spirit.

As long as obstacles block clear communication you limit your ability to connect with your highest calling.  Blessings will also be limited because of their inability to navigate freely to you.  The power that creates blessings travels through the beams of light unfettered when the channel is clear.

Love, dear ones, is neutrality.  Love is acceptance, and acceptance contains no judgment of another.  If all peoples on earth were nurturing, heaven would be in place on earth.  Instead, what has been created on earth is a mix of heaven and hell.  And make no mistake about this next statement: Hell is not of God's making!  Hell is a very low vibration created by man.

When mankind turned its back on God Principles, its creation became lacking in love.  Love is the dividing line, if you will, between heaven and hell.  Love can only exist in the higher vibrations known as heaven.  Without love, life is truly hell, for God's grace is not available in hell. 

Mankind has only two choices -- Heaven or Hell;  positive or negative. And we use the terms positive and negative not in the electrical sense but in the known sense on your planet as they relate to good and evil.  Reverse the word 'live' and you create 'evil;.

Father-Mother God's (Pair Essence) gift to their children is free will.  You can choose to create positive changes in your life and your planet, or you can choose to create negative changes for yourself and planet earth. If you choose to destroy the planet, you destroy yourselves along with it.

All life is cyclical.  How else would you learn the lesson of Cause and Effect?  What do you want to experience, over and over again?  If you choose the lower vibratory path you will experience the effects of that which you caused.  You will be your own 'devil' [lived  backward]!

You are seeing the consequences today of rigid hate --- War.  In world catastrophes such as poverty and plagues  In increasing earthquakes, famines, violent storms, and killing droughts.  Nature responds to mankind's vibrations.

But the lack of Love will be the saddest consequence of all.

Awakening collective minds of earth are now seeing the harm perpetrated by those who refuse to become harmless, and these awakening ones will no longer tolerate such harm-filled thoughts. Those who will not change their harmful ways will be isolated. Not in the manner you currently employ on earth to house your criminals, but rather they will be "loved" into another reality. They will be rehabilitated by understanding individuals assigned to their care and instruction.

Become allies with Love and Light. To form an alliance with the matter of earth is to cut yourself off from the source of life.  To condemn yourself to repeated lifetimes of birth and death until you respond to your call home from beloved Mother-Father God.

You are creators, born in the divine image.  Choose now what you will create.  Choose wisely, dear ones, for the sake of the universe.

Peace be with you.  Adonai Vasu  ---Xanthu.

*   *   *

Copyright (c) 2007 Solarium Analytika

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Monday, April 06 2009


   The ego strives to delliberately separate itself from the larger Self on purpose. It senses that by itelf it is King of the Road, the Host of its daily activity. While ego understands on an intrinsic level that the separation is not good for the whole (Holy) Self, in its quest for self-importance it chooses to isolate itself from the greater good (God) in order to have a moment in time where it is the only power recognized by the computerized mind and body. But what the ego does not realize is the enormous harm done by this drive to make itself the only recognizable power the mind and body can see on a temporal level.

    However, make no mistake about it, the ego is not completely ignorant in making this choice. It understands that it has chosen isolation. What the ego does not understand is the temporary damage/harm done by its isolation from the great Source.

    We can only excuse the ego's ignorance to a certain degree. When we hear the phrase "forgive them for they know not what they do," what is actually being said is that while they may not understand the consequences of their actions, their egos are/were cognizant of the fact that they were choosing isolation over love.

    The ego will make deliberate and selfish choices to further its existence and power. Beware of this fact. You can be burned by those who would choose to harm you because of their misguided notion that there is some form of temporary gain rather than choosing the discipline of the path of love and light that teaches abstaining from harmful actions by honoring the God within all beings.

    In other words, if your tendency toward forgiveness is great as you follow the path of love and light, you must practice discernment. Understand that for you to continue on this path you must protect your Self from being burned by the ignorance of another's ego.

    You may feel empathy for the difficult conditions created in individual lives if they are driven by their ego, but do not make the mistake of believing that they "see" with the clarity and perspective you may now enjoy. As long as the ego is in control it will make choices designed to separate itself from the greater Source because it knows that to be integrated into the High Self includes sacrifice and discipline.

    The ego can be thought of as the "baby" stage of the individual's development. Babies, while cute, have egocentric thought patterns as a matter of survival.  Also, their sphere of understanding is very limited. As a result, a baby can only sense its own immediate temporal needs.  Likewise --- the ego cannot sense the larger picture and the need for sacrifice and discipline.

    There is a difference between sacrifice and discipline; they are not synonymous. Sacrifice entails letting go of personal wants so that the wants and needs of the godself are the primary goals to be achieved in life. This does not mean that fun is eliminated from your life. Quite the contrary.  When love and light control  your thoughts and activities, the result is exhilerating and jubilescent {their word]. God's Will brought into force in your life is the Gift of Heaven promised mankind since the inception of life on earth.

    Separation is an unnatural state of awareness. Or, to be precise, UNawareness of the greater good. And the greater good  is God.

*   *   *

 Copyright (c) 2009 Solarium Analytika

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Monday, April 06 2009

From Angelic Realms

Mother-Father God's gift to us is Love and Light, continuous omnipotent, omniscient. To receive sustenance from this flow you must elevate your vibratory level so that you can tap into love's vibration and the power of light. It is the open door through which the flow can enter as a spiritual guide that will protect you, nourish you, and educate you as you make your way along the path leading Home. Without this divine energy the way is lost, the path vague and not illuminated.

In times of trauma or catastrophe this energy and wisdom can reach you, even if you are not consciously trying to elevate your vibration, for trauma lets go of everyday routine, disrupts the habit of patterns designed to keep change at bay. At such times there can be a breakthrough. Many people have Epiphanies during which the will of the ego construct is temporarily torn down. Also during such times angels, spirit guides or loved ones not in physical form have been able to help.

But when the time of trauma ends, the ego once again closes the portal and reconstructs the false-reality wall of opinions, prejudices, stress, and fear. Love and Light cannot enter unless invited. And inviting love and light into your life will manifest changes on a grand scale, not only in your life but in the lives of other people you meet and know.

Do not be afraid of changes. The ego's false reality has to be removed. You will examine previous actions and reactions that were based on your belief that the world as you knew it was the only reality. Then you accepted what you witnessed in your world and in your personal realm as the reality. When you know that your world is constructed by the ignorance of the many egos inhabiting your planet, you will see clearly how the absence of God's love and light has kept the peoples of earth in the ego's shadow.

Changes are sometimes painful. You are manifesting in a physical body, and your cells carry intricate knowledge of perfection, of life everlasting. But because of the ego's actions in its unaware state, the body has been polluted. The brain will need to be realigned to a different vibratory level -- to what is known as the Higher Mind, which comprehends God's knowledge and wisdom.

The higher mind is not outside of you. It is within you. It is part of your brain that can see consequences resulting from actions taken. This mind understands cause and effect -- Karma if you will. It understands the terrible consequences that can result from negative or destructive actions. In other words, the higher mind is "conscious awake" while the ego mind is "unconscious asleep."

Your salvation, indeed your planet's continued existence, depends upon awakening the higher mind in all peoples of earth, for it is the portal through which the truth about God's plan for humankind can be received.

We are and can be likened to computers. We function automatically on the physical level because of intrinsic programming. Without interference from the ego to pollute or destroy it, the body could live forever. It is programmed to take care of itself. Likewise, the mind is programmed to receive instructions and carry such programming to fruition. The ego mind receives instruction from the physical level of existence, while the higher mind receives instruction from God.

How does the higher mind receive instruction from God?* How do we tap into the Source of all being?  The Light! Remember the last time you saw rays of light coming to earth from the sun? This light of which we speak emanates from Source on a continual basis. Information conveyed through these beams is from Spirit, and contains the truth about your origin. We have access to this information any time we open the portal to the higher mind. 

When you access the beautiful truth about your godlike beginning you will consistently choose to close the physical portal by which the ego is sustained and, instead, open the portal by which your Soul is sustained. You will understand more and more the way the earth was intended to be, and you will no longer see the physical realm as the reality. Instead you will see it as an evolving state of awareness meant to become once again heaven on earth.

Consciously tap into the mind of God for the guidance available to you from on high. The love conveyed to us when we tap into this source is transformational. All doubt can be dispelled, all fear dissolved. A feeling of immense well-being, foreign to you perhaps because most people have yet to experience it, will envelop you and give you a feeling of contentment and joy that only the most loving Pair Essence God can give their children.

When you meditate imagine yourself wrapped in a bubble. Imagine the bubble filling with love. In your mind's eye now see the bubble filling with light that infuses every cell of your body with divine intelligence. Then imagine a beam of light entering your higher mind. This beam will have exactly the information you need for your point of awareness.*  Not too much, not too litlle -- just right for your present needs.

Your prayer should always be "Thy will be done, in my life and on earth"  -- for divine inteligence knows exactly what is best.

*See Patterns:  Removing the [ego's] Mask.  ISBN 978-0935861-01-3. and What Are Your Dreams Telling You?  3rd ed. ISBN 978-0935861-04-4 Both books open the door to awareness of a higher mind. Preview and purchase from
 Bookstore. Online discount. Special Discount on purchase of both books at one time. 

 Copyright (c) 2009 Solarium Analytika

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Monday, April 06 2009

Letters from Angelic Realms

Look deeply into your children's eyes and meet their reality.

Your children have been given to you as your greatest blessing.  God has always intended that the people of earth be stewards.

All people of earth are God's children. Therefore the older and hopefully wiser children have been assigned stewardship of the younger, newest members of your great planet, for they have placed  their souls, minds, and bodies in your adult care.

You who now have such souls assigned to you take care to remember they are Souls, inhabiting bodies that are simply instruments through which they can function in the world of manifestation. For when you remember and preserve this thought above all in regard to them, you remove the mental tendency to treat children as possessions.

Look into their eyes --- deeply and for a long period. They are there, waiting to be discovered, waiting to be acknowledged. Let them see you at the same time. This precious moment of unobstructed communication from soul to soul will bind you to your chiild as no other form of communication can.  There are no words conveyed to be interpreted or corrected. There is no judgment, only a need to know who and what we are to one another.

Humanity has a way of separating oneself from others. Notice when people talk to each other, are they really communicating? Or is it just a surface contact?  Energy is exchanged in relationships, even at a store with a clerk.  So make your exchanges more meaningful. Acknowledge your understanding that people are souls who happen to be inhabiting bodies. Talk to their souls. Look in their eyes, establish a connection.

Some may at first be uncomfortable with this way of communicating, but as people become aware of the exchange of the power of love, they will welcome the intimacy. 

Establish this intimacy with your children. In the world you live in not much time is accorded for building a relationship that provides a matrix of empathy in which they can grow and mature into self-aware humans. But to be able to bond with your children in this manner you must first bond with Love. 

Try this exercise:  Look in a mirror at yourself. Now look into your eyes for your Self. Look as long as necessary until you feel a change occur within you. You will feel expanded, larger than the body. You will feel the energy of who you are in truth.

Try deep breathing before this exercise. This expands the energy field within you to join with the astral energy surrounding your body. All is energy in different forms, performing different functions, but all energy is from Source. Recognize this truth --- the energy that sustains your life sustains all life. We all rely upon and are inexorably united by the very air we breathe. We are one collective being, breathing in, breathing out, sharing the same energy, reliant on one another for our very existence.

Inasmuch as we are all children of God it is a mistake to think for one moment that we are separate in any way from anyone else. Separation exists within the mind of mankind. Separation is the sickness of your world because the mind of man has delineated into ridiculous categories, collective thoughts of differences.

We all want the same things from life. We all want to be loved unconditionally. And when we can love others unconditionally, we will receive that blessing in return. Give to others that which you wish to receive. Show others how you wish to be recognized by recognizing the soul of God within them. Do this even when they don't know this truth themselves.

If you hold uppermost in your thoughts that the people you interact with every day are souls you will react to everything they do and say differently. And if you remember that all souls are connected by the energy that sustains us all, you cease to see physical differences.

Remember that Source is One. Focus on the soul --- yours and theirs. Soul-to-soul connection is the purest form of communication. Nothing is manifesting but love. No difference there to obstruct acknowledgement.

The one requirement to be able to communicate on this purest level is for you to be in a loving state of mind, for Love is the language of the Soul, how we connect on this higher level. This connection will not, can not happen unless you maintain a loving presence. And even if others you meet are not maintaining their loving Pre-Sense, you can alter their reality if you meet them with the loving presence needed to open the door to their heart --- albeit their Soul.

This is sometimes referred to in your society as "random acts of kindness." Such moments of connectivity benefit all life forms through the flow of Source energy. And because God is omnipresent, God (good) is felt universally.

When you connect universally with your children, you establish and experience communication that is all powerful and everlasting. It will weather life's storms and keep a bridge open.

Copyright (c) 2006 Solarium Analytika

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Monday, April 06 2009

Letters from Angelic Realms

Xanthu Speaking:  We are for your protection.

    We are assigned souls for their protection. Our light helps to lift the shroud of darkness from an individual so there is less pain and suffering. Breakthroughs in awareness are more likely because of our vibrational contribution to the individual's upliftment.  Just as you can uplift those around you, so do we also as your counselors, guardians, and angels. Even if the individual is unaware of our protection, it is enough that we know.

If you have concerns about someone, speak to the higher self of this individual. While we are excellent sources for universal truths as it pertains to your needs and questions, when you have "issues" regarding a specific individual, go directly to the Source of knowledge for that life force. Ask that your soul be given permission to enter fully into the individual's life.  Pray for unconditional love to manifest in the individual's life and yours.

Faith means trusting that you have a higher self other than the self manifested in form on earth. Faith, as said throughout time, is believing in what you feel exists even if you cannot see a physical form to confirm the soul's existence. Can you see a designated physical form to prove the existence of God? There is no "man" up there in the sky. God is everywhere. And if you believe this, then you must believe that God is also in you in form you cannot see. There are those who can see higher vibrations, who are privileged to see the beauty of Light manifesting in form. All will have the veils removed in time and spiritual "sight" will be available as well as spiritual insight.

Keep returning to Source, dear ones. It encourages us to feel and return the flow of prayers, blessings, and love. The world would be healed if the flow of love was reciprocated as God intended. God's intention was and forever will be "Unconditional Love."  In truth love is not love unless it is unconditional, free-flowing. Love is not limited; it was never intended to be meted out in portions.

If you love someone, love them unconditionally by knowing that behind their 'ego mask', is the face of God. If you cannot wish the very best that Love has to offer for your loved ones, then your understanding of God is limited. Then your ability to love is limited.

Understand this:  Love is reciprocal in nature. It's natural essence is to flow freely. So just get out of the way and send love in all its power to heal and transform. And when sending love your prayer should always be that love be directed to serve for the highest good of that individual. If you cannot love the individual unconditionally, as this prayer suggests, then you have not sent "love" to them. You have sent "conditions," and love will not be fettered by conditions. Putting conditions on love is mankind's concept and is not what love is.

Love IS!  It simply exists in abundance universally, and blossoms in your lives when you allow your higher self to control your Life circumstances.

Love is a vibrational Reality. To reach this Reality while living on earth you must go to the higher self. The ego or body computerized mind cannot reach this vibrational level. Your ego self must first surrender its control and allow the High Self to take the individual to new and greater heights. To uncharted territory. And therein lies the terror for many individuals.  Unchartered territory is frightening for most. "Fear of the unknown" is a popular phrase on earth.

The ego is control-oriented. Control is the only "power" it can wield. A degree of physical, mental, and emotional control over its surroundings and circumstances is all the ego has available to it. And in its supreme ignorance of the wonders of Spirit, it believes its existence will be extinguished if it gives up control of its physical reality. This is seen as a very real threat and fear by the ego. What the ego does not realize is that "it" is only part of an individual's reality. And because the ego does not have the sensory ability to tap into higher vibrations, it cannot sense the wonder and joy awaiting it. It cannot fathom the unconditional love awaiting it.

Father-Mother God and the sons and daughters of God are able to be One when the Whole (Holy) Spirit makes the connection through the beams of Light now entering your world.

My Love and Light to all who see and hear.

 Adonai Vasu, Xanthu
Note: Adonis (Ahdonee) is Xanthu's contact.

Copyright (c) 2002 by Linda Anne Tyler

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Monday, April 06 2009

Letters from Angelic Realms

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are your angels from the Alaricean [pronounced 'Alariseean'] universe. There is no limit to how far thought can travel, and the power and purpose of thought is paramount in this period of mankind's evolution.

It is imperative for each one of you to accept your own creative power and fine-tune yourselves to your highest reality. We are here to help you do this, for individual responsibility must be foremost to bring about the divine plan for earth and its peoples.

Much in your lives is now preordained. Many of you have been prepared for the coming changes, and you will be able to do much to help neutralize what could have been greater catastrophe. We say "could have been" because the influx of love and light is now surrounding the earth in such proportions that it is counterbalancing the forces which feed off the imbalance of earth.

It is a very intense time. Feel the intensity of power, and envision this power growing more than even we could expect at this time. If the spark of desire has been ignited within the soul, all who have asked will be awakened at a very fast and intense rate.

The smallness of man, the part you label ego, has reared its ugly head. It is so afraid. It can see the end of its dominion, its control.  In its ignorance it honestly believes its smallness is all there is. If only it could embrace a glimpse of what its rebirth is going to be, it would gladly throw its smallness into the passion fire and let it be consumed --- such a small price to pay for eternal life.

It is an extremely sad feeling for us to see that many still fear the awakening. They have been taught by various religious sects that to be "spiritual" is to forgo personal happiness. They do not understand what complete joy and love can do for the soul. In many ways the religions of the world have done more harm than good. When this is known, and it will be known, many will cry 'How could we have been duped to such an extent?' For as long as people expect another to assume responsiblity for their spiritual awakening, they take a huge risk. They literally place their lives in another's possession. They do not own themselves.

It is wise at this time to keep your own counsel. If you have questions, allow your own counsel to give you the answers, for the purest form of communications exists within yourselves. Work on clearing the debris you have accumulated in this world of duality, for in so doing your communication becomes purer and clearer.

We love you, and it is a blessing when you allow us to help, when you receive with open mind. There are many who have open minds, more than you know because it is something that transpires in your lives which you cannot share with anyone unless their own awarenes has opened to it.

The Essence [channel] asked: "What will transpire in the future?  What phenomenon will take place to help awaken the peoples of earth on a large scale?"

We answer:  the beams of Light. They are coming at such a fast rate that people are being awakened every minute. The pace will quicken, for every awakened consciousness helps to awaken ten more--a snowball effect.

We already see the tide turning on a massive scale, and you have reason to be joyful for your efforts have contributed to the awakening of earth more than you know.  God loves you for your efforts, and that alone should bring unbound joy into your hearts. You have not gone unnoticed.

In love we leave you.

Adonai Vasu. beloved friends, Adonai.

Channel:  Adonis (Ahdonee)
Copyright (c) 2006 Solarium Analytika

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