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The Tonti Conection
By: A La Lansun

   (Twin Flames)

Click Blog, The Tonti Connection Parts 1-5 and The Hare - Greek Symbols of the Logos Incarnate. Then listen to our recorded Live Teleconferences.  Click Reflections of Light Audio for other recorded inspirational insights. 

I want to share an email I received from a new Canadian friend who responded to The Tonti Connection in such a beautiful way.

"You are welcome for the donation; I just wish it could have been more. ...Thanks, so much for the interpretation of the dream; it has really helped. I just wanted to share an insight from some writing which originated after meditating on your writing regarding the tonti connection.

"From my heart comes the knowing that the love shared between two wholly developed mates has the potential to be the greatest demonstration of God's love made manifest on this earth.  A stable, loving and, above all, balanced home life would provide such a wonderful environment for children, and they themselves would perpetuate this in society and in their relationships. Although this may take generations to become a fait accompli, I can see how changes that originate within the family unit and the tonti connection may be the way this is accomplished.

"I can see a possible way forward, Lansun, and I am thankful for your role in this insight."

In Love and Light,
Paula Miller
Welland, Ontario

A La Lansun

 Reflections of Light 
Sunday, September 19 2010

Sunday, August 8, 2010

 My God!  That’s what it meant. . .the dream in which I was embraced by an upright big male bear and then walked on. . .

  • and the process that E's and my first sighting in October of 1954 actually
    started. When our UFO patience was rewarded with the sighting of an "extra" star located in the handle of the Big Dipper (Ursa Major) that zipped across the sky to the North Star; Polaris, first star in the handle of the upside-down Little Dipper (Ursa Minor).  We thought it was because it's the only thing we knew in the night sky. . .
  • and, “Anne seeks the North Star” given to us in 1954 on our Board.  I have read and we were told that the North Star is the exit door from our 3D world or vibration, and therefore very important.  It is the only stationary star in our heaven; never moves or sets.  So is my journey to the divine Masculine Principle (Tonti Connection) that began in 1954 actually a way to a higher vibration?

Today,  August 2008, I wrote two legally paraphrased letters that ended false obligations created by their errror. I think there is a fear-tactic script reserved to use on women, but I was beyond fear, secure in my Tonti connection to Woman's eternal mate, and as I sealed the last envelope a wave of incredible JOY flooded all through me.

Full circle. How many fears have I walked through as a woman in our male-oriented society; as a single parent without financial or emotional support; through the deaths of terminally ill parents and a dear son-in-law . . .

        and come up OVER!

I made it! echoed over and over in my head!  My very personal inner Tonti Connection took me through it all to celebrate eighty-eight years last month.

Insight kept rolling: This is what Servicemen I met during World War II meant.  Exposed to the shattering fear they met in their war experiences, they literally passed beyond the fear threshold!!  And they said this freedom lasts once attained.

Through left-brain abilities developed by the demands of life situations I was able to connect inwardly to divine Masculine Principle mind and power and let it work for me in outer reality.  I was Woman,  Feminine Principle incarnate, strong and sure.

The Declaration of Independence dream, given so many years ago was realized.  I had not accepted the terms the Great Lie* creation story enforced on Woman;  the myth of male sueriority to demean woman. I met its challenges, even as a single parent, without subservience to its demeaning support --and I won!

And this is the lesson. . .

Woman must let all earth safety nets go if they forfeit her true nature.  And stand tall in her Reality as the Beloved of Him, the male principle of God; secure in the care of her eternal mate.

Consider how Webster defines forfeit:  1. Something that one loses or has to give up because of some crime or neglect of duty;  specif., a fine or penalty   2. A thing taken away as a penalty for making some mistake. . ., and redeemable by a specified action.

                                      It is time for specified action!

It is a universal crime when we deny our true nature and neglect to honor it.

I also saw why I endured the long enslavement and its consequences as each time woman meets her challenges with courage and integrity power is added to Woman’s Collective Consciousness bank for her to draw on.

Now the Tonti Connection can be revealed in its entirety and this process made clear and accomplishable.

So Check Your Dream Messages For:

  • A big bear.  Conversation with, especially embracing/being embraced by it. 
  • Declaration of Independence:  Signing it; if it is highlighted, especially the title alone.
  • North Star:  If emphasized as a direction to follow; if  brightly lit;  a feeling or longing connected with physical sight of it.
  • Crippled or dysfunctional legs; riding on a “beggars” skateboard.  Right leg
    symbolizes outer consciousness, left - inner consciousness   Both legs —inability to stand up for yourself or move forward.  Personal rights or a principle are often involved.  Woman’s big lesson this time around!
  • Deformed left or right foot:  R and L emphasize whether an error in the  conscious or unconscious mind has been accepted as truth.   *Great Lie: ¯ the long-standing idea on earth that the male of the species is superior and the female inferior. Both sexes must grow beyond this idea before divine balance can be restored on earth.

·        Any dream or inspirational key you can easily relate to this idea or process.

          Dear Ones, we are completing an ancient and important journey! The Delai Lama summed it up when he said the world would be saved by Western Woman.

So let us welcome our Feminine Principles in form complete, once more aligned with their eternal mate, God’s Masculine Principle of Creation.
The Gift of Eternal Life is now within mankind’s reach
as Woman leads the way!

 Copyright © 2010 A Lá Lansün

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Thursday, September 09 2010
This wonderful channeled reception titled ADAM AWAKES became available in book form in the 1950s and I read it in 1955 after receiving the first Tonti concept message.  Not until 2009 was the word "Connection" added during meditation and I was given permission to speak of it.  Thus some must be ready to accomplish these reunions, as will all one day. [Edited slightly to update words.] 
My dearly Beloved, harken to my wisdom. Comes a time unto every man when he saiys: "Where is the creature who is complement to myself? Behold I am but half a soul. I perceive in the depths of my creation that I am incomplete. I have left remnants of myself up the shores of Time. I know not fullness in my being.?
What is this fulfillment of being, Beloved, but man's hunger for womanflesh, that she may make total of him? What is that hunger which assaileth the female of man's species, but that she shall know her masculine soul-stuff from which she separated before the sun and stars spawned?
Woman originally was not different from man, for verily men are women constantly, and women are men, as it pleaseth the half* of the soul to exercise. l say unto you, it were best from the beginning that man in his spirit should be divided. That which was tender and longsuffering within himself was best set apart, that he should be rejoined to it when the End Times are come.
What meaneth One Flesh? I say that men and women, as ye do witness them in earth-life at the moment, are warp and woof of identical cosmic stuffs; they are one person divided into two; they are the Alpha and Omega of all existence, unit unto unit, in lambent consciousness. Yet, I say unto you more.
The time has come, in that which ye call civilization, when a man shall look upon the wife of his bosom and perceive her for what she is. She has traveled a long and thorny road with him. She has been the softer and tenderer aspect of himself, inculcated in an organism that preserveth his species by becoming fecund and giving birth unto the vehicles for expression of offspring on your earthplane. Should she not be honored for this? What merit has she otherwise if man looks upon her to lust after her and, having satisfied his lust, abandons her to the trials and rigors of earth's fortunes?
Woman has come unto Man and said unto him: I am your passion and your amour, I am your sweet thought at sundown when the lily hath her folding; I am your good angel and your benediction when that which ye have strived in has been crowned with its emoluments; I am your compassion and your comrade; I am she who takes upon herself the ennoblements you have defaulted in and holds them up that ye may see them lambently."
And yet I tell you, Beloved, man who takes woman unto his bosom takes but himself in all those aspects in which he defaults as his masculine flesh.
Men and women, I tell you, are identical creations, made to fit and mold each into the other, knowing neither grossness nor satiations in their nurturings. They are completings of what the Father ordained the Soul to be: well-rounded in its aspects, seasoned and purified of base carnalities, living in a prescient triumph of what Life could do in surmounting Flesh, satiate only in those matters that pertain to Holy Spirit.
Love has a gift to make unto Life. It has Completion of Divine intent Manifested. Thou art the Alpha and Omega of that intent. Thou art holy in thy First Principles no matter how rendered.
Behold, the lover seeks his beloved. All is of gratification unto their union. Pray, what is gratification which they experience thus richly? I say that it is only knowledge that they are one flesh, that they belong together in the eternal tide of unitings, that they have a mission rendering to the other the sweet measurings of devotions.
Without such knowledge of the higher values, Beloved, behold them merely as human beasts rutting. Their godhood deserts them. It gives them no spiritual increase. I say unto you that wheresoever a man lies with a woman without love in his heart richly for that which she fulfills in his life, he is a creature of fornication and his passions return unto him, wracking him forever and knowing no fulfillment.
l say it is no sin that a man sincerely loves a female and cohabits with her, desiring that union be manifest between them. l say it is every sin that they fornicate for lust and holy spirit abides apart from their emotions, leaving it to bodies to make that union sacrosanct.
I say it is venality, Beloved, that devotions of bodies, yea even devotions of souls, be left upon the ramparts of tattered heart-hopes while the spirit seeketh satiation of that which is but chemical. That is abomination; that is perversion.
Heaven and earth are alike in this, Beloved, that where sweet love based upon respect and union abides, ever is there sweet tranquility of license. Men were not made for women nor were women made for men. Women have come forth from the essence of men that they might complete them up eons of circumstance, saying unto them in crisis: "Lo, be at peace, for am l not with you? The rod and the staff of my constancy strengtheneth you. The strong right arm of my loyalty upholds you. I am your Better Self, ordained of the Ages. Abide ye in me and I with you, and let us raise up offspring unto our intrinsic Holiness that future generations may adulate us, that we have done this thing in purity.
Such is true marriage, Beloved. Have the man-soul and the woman-soul been pure and constant unto one another, belonging to a common property, eschewing all other unions that theirs might be unified? When ye have been told that such is made in Heaven, know that it has been higher planes of life which have made it tangible in flesh, blood, energies and aspirations.
I, your wiser **Elder Brother,would have it said unto you by my lips that men and women loving unifiedly and deeply, no matter what the manner of their cohabitation, are the Truly Wedded in sight of the Host. What has the body to do with a wedding pledged of spirit, that each should make the other's strugglings and perplexities his own and stand strongly at the shoulder till all victories be accomplished?
I tell you that marriage is not joining of mortal bodies in wedlock; it is spiritual union of similar vibrations, far above the wonder that earthly men call sex***. Thus are Men and Women rendered one unit by the Host, beloved. And their auras proclaim them, that weddings have joined them. Venalities are all those relationships where such colorings are absent. They are assignations of the night with foulness a couch for them. So hear me say it.
Ye do know your wives and sweethearts, men of flesh. But what have ye truly but emotional complements and completions of yourselves, held ever sacred in that they are fashioned of constancy and spiritual contentments?
And whence comes such contentments? I say they come of mutual aspirations gratified; that ye be one and only one in your single eschewments; living, laboring for the harvest of perfect union which comes in when souls have risen above earthly fornications, and the light of everlasting permanence sanction your relationship; that ye have looked upon each other and been content with what was sighted. So ever be it.
I am not one to condemn a soul in that it has looked for complement and been thwarted. I do not condemn, I only point sweetly to the mutual increments of comradeship, that each soul-half may partake of it and see in the other his godhood glowing radiantly.
Thus I adjure that ye go hence and practice it. PEACE. 
*See Polarity- The Great Law, (Reflections of Light tab) explains the half-soul man/half-soul woman manifestations.
** Jesus the Christ
***...Sons and Daughters of Light manifest with an infinitely higher vibratory rate, making it of moment that they be circumspect of contacts:  therefore they unite circumspectly.   ...verily there are those who have need of great instruction.  ...I say they shall have it, from those who spread radiance in that they spread it.
The Golden Scripts  "The Crux of Life" Chapter 61, Lines 86, 87,  On your Browser log on to Soulcraft Teachings for a Treasury of Spiritual Litrerature.
What is referred to as sexual energy is really not sexual at all – It is the creative force and potential that underlies all existence.
Our souls were birthed out of the cosmic womb or void where union, cohesion and oneness was all that was experienced – duality had not yet been birthed. In this state there was no “Self” and “Other”. The Source of all that is wished to create experience and reflect back to itself existence, thus the original division of energies occurred creating masculine and feminine polarities or yin and yang, yet each polarity contained within it a portion of the opposite energy.
It is difficult for most of us to conceive of the words sacred and sexual in the same context. The truth about Creation, sexuality and awakening has been distorted and cloaked in secrecy for thousands of years. There is a full spectrum of expression available to us, from a lower chakra experience akin to friction to ecstasy, soul fusion, transcendence and unifying your physical and multidimensional aspects.
The main ingredients precluding most of us from having this type of experience are a blocked energy field, a closed heart, the inherited distorted patterns of our ancestors, a disconnect from our original innocence, and connecting with others whose energies reflect the energy of our personality and not our soul's energy. 
What we are really looking for in another is our self – Self meaning our essential nature – the essence or specific vibratory signature of our soul – when we do come into contact with a matching soul frequency what is reflected back to us in our joining is the love we are made of. In the beginning our souls were birthed in innocence and purity – and we experienced all facets of life with wide-eyed wonder, magic, joy and appreciation.
The urge to merge or reunite with that which created us, is woven into the very fabric of our being. The original impulse for union was borne out of desire of the lover and beloved to be at One with one another after their original split.   The magnetic pull or impulse for union is an expression of your adoration and deep abiding love when truly with a soul essence partner. Your joining is on every level; heart, body, mind and soul; your fusion recreates creation itself and blends the male and female energy into a single consciousness. There is no thought involved.  It is the natural and spontaneous progression for your soul during its evolutionary journey.
The way to open to this type of experience depends on your capacity to cultivate Joy, wonder, and appreciation for all life. When you truly view your self and your life as sacred, you can reach profound states of awareness by gazing into your lover’s eyes - and have eternity looking back at you. True intimacy requires us to Love, honor, cherish, trust, respect, and the ability to truly surrender to one another. There is no drama, no manipulating or reenacting childhood wounds. You love for the sake of loving because you’ are so full of love; you just have to let it out.
In some ways an attempt to encapsulate an experience of this nature diminishes it.
There is no greater power in this world than the power generated by true love and soul union. There is no greater gift than to be with one who truly knows and reflects your essence back to you. For in its highest form, desire for union with another is really the desire to experience their essence. Inherent within this union is the ability to collapse duality, unify the masculine and feminine energies within and restore balance to the planet.
These are not esoteric concepts to me. I have had the gift of experiencing this type of union with multiple soul partners from my original soul family. This path is not for the faint of heart as along with profound states of union may come all of the unconscious patterns preventing one from experiencing union as the natural state of being. It is worth giving all you have for once you have experienced this type of union; traditional types of partnering based on personality may repel you. Ultimately, all your searching will lead you back to yourself. The self that knows Joy is our natural state and Love is our true nature.
Copyright (c) 2010 Solarium Analytika
This sums up what the Tonti-Alonti Connection is all about.  My heartfelt thanks to Ansara for sharing this with us.  A La Lansun
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