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The Eternal Mate

The Tonti Conection
By: A La Lansun

   (Twin Flames)

Click Blog, The Tonti Connection Parts 1-5 and The Hare - Greek Symbols of the Logos Incarnate. Then listen to our recorded Live Teleconferences.  Click Reflections of Light Audio for other recorded inspirational insights. 

I want to share an email I received from a new Canadian friend who responded to The Tonti Connection in such a beautiful way.

"You are welcome for the donation; I just wish it could have been more. ...Thanks, so much for the interpretation of the dream; it has really helped. I just wanted to share an insight from some writing which originated after meditating on your writing regarding the tonti connection.

"From my heart comes the knowing that the love shared between two wholly developed mates has the potential to be the greatest demonstration of God's love made manifest on this earth.  A stable, loving and, above all, balanced home life would provide such a wonderful environment for children, and they themselves would perpetuate this in society and in their relationships. Although this may take generations to become a fait accompli, I can see how changes that originate within the family unit and the tonti connection may be the way this is accomplished.

"I can see a possible way forward, Lansun, and I am thankful for your role in this insight."

In Love and Light,
Paula Miller
Welland, Ontario

A La Lansun

 Reflections of Light 
Wednesday, November 24 2010


THE TONTI CONNECTION - Twin Flames, Part 1
Your Eternal Mate
from Solarium Analytika
A La Lansun
   Have you ever wished for a true companion who is also a secret love?
   Someone who really understands you; who can wisely counsel you when decisions press in.
   Someone who loves you unconditionally, but is no wimp.  Who can say a quiet but firm NO if your request warrants it.
   Someone who retreats in a calm, neutral way when you are pitching an emotional fit -- but never far away.
    Someone who hears your cry and feels your tears.  Someone who can see the future and help you prepare for it.
    Someone who will stand beside you, whose Love and Light will enfold you when danger threatens.
    Someone whose thoughts speak inside your head, and only you can hear him.  Someone you can talk to just by thinking.
    Someone who will help you grow, expand your mind and heart to prepare you for true mating -- in its season.
    And every now and then he will peek out at you through another's eyes.  You will know him because he is a part of you, but you will have to let him go.
If your heart answers Yes! then The Tonti Connection is for you.

On February 14, 1955 this message highlighted the deep, mysterious longing I had felt all my life, but never understood.  It was to be a test of my abiity to hold immaculate a concept of the highest expression of the male principal of God in form.  It demanded a razor's edge trust of the husband of my spirit whom I could neither see nor touch.
   It brought intimate and personal access to this Principle of creation.  An active, invisible partner who added the mental and emotional power resident in this expression of the godhead.  He could "walk in" to physical form to provide an important lesson or supply much needed help in some way.  At such times the absolute trust I felt through eye contact and the feeling of unconditional love clearly identified him to me.
   So today I am speaking to Woman.  Man's reach for such will be answered when he can accept Love's disciplne as Woman leads the way.  The Tonti Connection is open to every woman whose motive is of the highest good for all mankind.  Open to the woman who has accepted her Soul's direction to fulfill her life's true purpose.
   Now, after over half a century of silence, evidently there are such women among you and I am permitted to speak -- to you who are ready for unions divinely decreed so that such unified power is restored on earth and available when needed.
Listen within to confirm your identity.

                       Man thinks with  his mind; woman with her heart.
                       God's symbols are always true.   ---Ponar, 1955

THE HUMAN BRAIN (the Tonti Connection part 2)
Continuing . . . The subject of Balance is addressed in a very specific way, and begins with a basic understandng of the qualities inherent in the two hemispheres of your human brain.
RIGHT-BRAIN ACTIVITY:  Absorbs information in chunks.  More imaginative, intuitive.  Sees things as a whole -- as patterns of expression.  Less likely to perform as well academically;  does better in essay-type tests.  Responds better in informal settings; likes to study in company.  Sometime cannot sit still for very long.
This is the "wall-socket" of the human electrical system, connected to intuitive mind beyond the limited three-dimensional thinking that ego mind is capable of.   Thinkers who reach beyod logic and respond to and with feelng and emotion.  For this reason the right hemisphere of the brain is associated with creative activity such as invention, art, music, original writing and poetry.  However, full expression will require left-brain activity to finalize right-brain inspiration.  Female in nature.
LEFT-BRAIN ACTIVITY:  Left-brain dominated people may find their thought processes too vague and difficult to follow, too oposite to the logical and analytical way they think.  They usually excel at mathematics. Do well at school since your educational system practices learning by rote and stresses conformity, which feeds left-brain activity and starves right-brain creativity.   You should rethink an educational system that does not enable right-brain skills to develop sufficiently to balance individual thought processes, which inhibits your abiity to relate to others. 
Left brainers are straighforward thinkers who analyze everything and reach logical conclusions.  They do best on specific question and answer tests.  "Just give me the facts, ma'm!"
This hemisphere of the brain is the "extension-plug" mind that provides practical application to right brain wall-socket ideas.   Male in nature.
A band of white matter called the corpus callosum connects both hemispheres so each can function as needed.  And until this connection is developed and functioning well, one side or other tends to dominate in most individuals.  It is true that each side can, to a limited degree, imitate the other's abilities, but not as easily or as efficiently. There are people who have achieved more balanced activity.
By now it should be obvious that we are also highlighting the basic difference in the human male-female thought process.  As the original creation described in Genesis 1, they expressed an equal and complete creative expression of the godhead.  Earth's lower vibration separated the Original One, and your society's restricted roles for each sex retarded balanced mind development in both sexes.  Thus equal and balanced unions are almost nonexistent in your world and the power such unions produce has been lost.  Now more freedom of choice and oppportunity in some parts of your world have accelerated the divinely decreed process of balance for each sex so they will once more express the wholeness of God incarnate in their relationship.
There is much information to be relayed through our beloved Sisters of Light.  Some will be through commercial presentation, and some more limited to those whose awakenings move faster.  We have many to reach and wish to prepare as many as possible for the events to come.  Your work and that of your Sisters of Light involves all of your talents and past training, not only from this lifetime.  None of you as yet understand the scope of it.  Hard as the waiting has been for all of us, we could not proceed until the mind of mankind reached  a certain point of awarenss.
The awakenings are coming swiftly to many around the world. The turning point was reached and passed.  The forces of Light may now operate more openly and with less opposition.  We shall all be very busy, and you will be amazed as synchronicity takes over in your lives.  The comings and goings, the meeting and new contacts, the strange doors that now open wider for all of you.
Rest and renew.  Keep silence often.  Listen inwardly as much will be relayed to you this way.  Surely you know by now the telepathic powers we use.  The "tuning fork" is beng centered more each day on our wavelength. You cannot hasten anything.  You can only be ready to accept.  And this is the great key.  Your willingness and readiness to receive.

Continued from Part 2. . . Great things portend for several of you even though the way at times seems hopeless and dark.  Cyclic timing cannot be undone.  We also chafe at these resrictions, but we must obey because we know they have a purpose. Don't fret over seeming inadequacies of the moment.  A cocoon has its limitations; let it serve its divine purpose.  Ask your higher self to open the door of insight.  There is little any of us can do if the ego is not ready and willing to accept its own part in a problem.
You have been told many times that the money situation is no problem.  It will be resolved as you prepare to receive it. Take one day at a time.  Do not feel guilty if you are not actively pursuing wealth. Your needs shall all be met.  The key for our beloved Sisters of Light is Love.  It has always been the same key.  Activate the love in your hearts and let if flow out to the ethers.  It is the most powerful magnet there is.  See your wallet surounded by a radiant pink glow.  Continue to see it thus.  And bless this substance before you send it out into the world that it may bless all it touches.  It shall draw to you the funds you need, for money responds to love the same as all creation
Do not fret over seeming inadequacies of the moment. Express your wants freely to us and we will comply.  Be as specific as possible.  It is hard for Spirit to translate and manifest to a world such as yours,  or to understand the demands your world makes on its occupants.  You are in league with your God and ours.  Therefore, nothing is impossible if it falls within the life experience predicted and agreed upon before incarnation. Simply relay each desire specifically and accurately, and then go about your immediate tasks -- releasing it.  The how and when leave up to Spirit.
For several of you your way is different in many aspects, and your training also -- beyond the human experiences required for understanding.  The Inner Temple A La Lansun speaks from is being reincarnated on your earth, and woman's role is paramount in its establishment.  Therefore the sisters of earth and light have much to undo in their thinking before they can once again assume their true role and identify.
In secret and in silence will earth's old temple crumble and fall away.  You sense the challenge man sometimes presents because he feels you are a threat to the old order of the domination man imposed on woman --  out of fear of his own need of her.  For the Woman of Tomorrow will not be subject to the lower aspect of man.  She will demand the highest he has to give.
The challenge she presents to the altered ego-mind of man is being met by him with ferocity -- now subtle, now covert.  His rape of her higher nature must cease.  It will not be tolerated in the new millennium.
You are new, and you feel the covert opposition from the Sons of Adam who carry not the genes of higher thought, and also those who do but who slumber yet in the illusion of superiority.
No one reacts well at first to a challenge to come up over limitation and see the  higher love and life that can result.  Often the fear and confusion it creates is projected, antagonistically, on the one who challenges the status quo.  It is ever true in all aspects of earth life.  Women, too, react.  They fear to let go of the security they have ascribed to man for centuries.  So, my Sisters of Light, you will get it from both sides.
Do not let resentment enter in your dealings, nor the need to placate the ignorance of an ego.  Walk your own road quietly and firmly.  Your way will justify itself as an example to others who long to get done with the old order of domination by the ego of another, be they male or female.
There are many of both sexes who are ready to take this step.  They only need a light to show them the way and an example, or several examples, to show them it is possible, and the rewards they wll experience.
You are certain to succeed for your destiny involves that of Wayshowers to a new social order.  The opposition, though strong, cannot prevail in the long run because it is against the will of God for mankind's evolution.

Continued from Part 3. . .Do not be afraid to speak your truth from a point of neutrality within when there is an opening.  But when you sense and feel only an undercurrent of devious manipulation of you into defensiveness, keep silent.  Let your silence speak, announcing to the one opposing you that you know his or her game and deem it beneath you to play that game.
You are unaware of the play behind the scenes now taking place as people are moved into position for the curtain to go up.  Strange experiences await some, yet not strange to the souls of you so programmed, for you knew of this process before incarnating -- and you will accept these experiences with some degree of insight and understanding because they are written in the soul.
You must come up over the last chains the flesh forged, but you will receive help and proceed at your own pace.  Each one of you will know when and what to do.  Resist the need to chastize yourself for any reason - it hinders acceptance of a truth, and has no place in the scheme of things now  You must trust your own Self and know that all proceeds in order.  Remain in semi-isolation for yet a short time.  So much is being cleared and reprogrammed that you yourselves have felt the need for this.  It will not last much longer.
The freedom you seek is very near.  It is the breaking out of the shell of limitation.  It is the deep, irrevocable knowing that you are eternal and that all is well in your life and being.  It is knowing thyself completely a part  of the Godself -- and knowing that the Eternal Mate is ever with you and can and will supply each need on your path.
Some of you are at this point now, and your needs must be filled in order for you to proceed as both teachers and examples of this fundamental Principle.  There is no other way when you reach this point.  The courage to stand and wait upon the Law is upon you.  The end of the long road of karmic adjustments, of lessons that involve priorities -- chief among these the courage to BE!   To radiate the divine force of your total Reality.  To know this is the stuff dreams are made of, and by which they are fulfilled. The end of the long road.  The end of seeking and the beginnng of Being.  Once attained, all doors open and  all needs.are met.
It is the trust I spoke of, for in trusting the Tonti, husband of your spirit, you are trusting your own reality, far above the human self.  We are The One that Are!  And to know me is to know your own true nature.  For I am even as you are.  And the God Principle I represent is the Principle of the Father and the Abundance He represents in all religions.  While you represent the God Principle of nurturing Love and its expression.
I cannot be unless you are, and vice versa.  I cannot fulfill my destiny unless and until you know your own being as completely worthy of all that I through Love can bestow upon you.  There is no other way for Woman to find her Self -- to know her reality and the great beauty of creation she is.  She is the receiver of all that Love and Light represent in order to give this forth as divine love decrees.
Words do not suffice to describe the breakthrough this encompasses.  It must be lived and experienced.  It is truly knowing that sets you free.  For you represent the God Principle incarnate and complete when this divine partnership is realized.  And some of you are so close to this realization.
It does not detract from human exerience.  It is not pie-in-the-sky promise.  It is LIFE!
It is what the God Principle is all about.  What the Father-Mother God concept means.  How else could the Creator express Himself-Herself except through the divine mating of both principles of expression?
There is no god outside ourselves.  There is only the divine energy that must have instruments of expression.
This is the great leap into the arms of Love itself.  The absolute, abandoned leap in joy and certainty that ever and always are the everlasting arms around you.  And until Woman can break free and know and establish the divine union, she will never mate with man in any union that also approaches divinity.
You are on the right track through your approach to the Tonti.  For in this you speak to the Christ nature, the Essence of the soul.  You call forth the Christ nature of me to fulfill my divine role that you may also fulfill yours.
The companionship you desire can be yours, but only when the higher union is fulfilled.  For in essence this mating represents the coming together of all parts of your Self.  Then, and only then, can you relate to another in true equality of spirit, mind, and body.  Balance is again the key, but first balance within before balance without can be achieved.
Your world knows little of this polarity balance.  The word itself is often used in a negative connotation as you strive for unions based on imbalance within each part of the union.  So how can an equitable relationship result?
Woman must know herself as Woman, and all this entails and means -- separate yet one with man.  She must know her own being before she can share this with another.  She must stand tall in her true nature, for only then can one come to her who is also secure in his reality.

It is not an impossible dream or romanticizing to want and expect a pure relationship, a oneness that exceeds the relationships you see around you.  It is instead a trust and a mission to manifest this in your world.  To prove the reality and possibility of such unions.  But great growth and certainty of your being are required before this is possible.
You have operated under many handicaps to this knowing of your Self and the right knowing of another in the intimacy of union.  You have willingly accepted these obstructions so that you might understand them and surmount them.  Let the order decreed for such unions proceed.  I cannot incarnate in your world except your love and your polarity supply the magnetic force that makes this possible.  I cannot sustain myself in such a world except we are truly One.
I am speaking of a state of awareness, a state of knowng that is only arrived at through long and arduous experiencing.  The point of no return when you stand in the Light of your own being to flnd out who and what you really are.  You cannot arrive at an answer though intellect.   I told you once: 'Not the mind's knowing Grace can impart.' It is not a mental state.  And for this reason I doubt that I can explain it further.  You must become it.  You must arrive at this knowing yourself.
Weaning from all human dependency, including emotional dependency, is not easy.  The human self is so conditioned to this.  This is the true meaning of the wedding pronoucement in your religious marriage ceremony:  'Forsaking all others, cleave thee only to one another."  It does not mean that you stop loving those near and dear to you, only that allegiance now rests entirely within your union. You cannot ascend until this is accomplished and the chains of earth and bonds of dependency fall away. And you and several others are so near a real breakthrough that I pray you continue.  Keep your own spirit's knowing uppermost.  Turn a deaf ear to doubt and bid fear be gone!
The way opens as you know it to be.  You and you alone have the key to unlock the treasure house that awaits each one of you.  You have done well, Alontis,* and doubt does not really exist in the souls of you, so discipline the human mind that bends to appearances.  They are and always will be deceiving.  You must see with a clear light, untainted by human uncertainty.
Your way was prescribed eons ago, and you knew this day would come.  The last trial of faith in your reality and in  love and oneness.  You do not meet this unprepared.  Draw now from the great soul of you to stand tall.  
Highest trust I said to you.  What else is this but absolute trust of your own worth and the great force of Love itself to provide, protect, and shield the energy you are from all alarms -- here and forever.  It is difficult to put into words because it is primarily feelng.  It is a stage of awareness; it is, as stated, the end of a long road.  The end of the line.
Let this release flow.  Let the last vestiges of fear and doubt depart.  Walk forward with the love of your own being uppermost and accept all that creation has to offer to the one who knows the certainty of Abundance and Love that is and ever shall be.
As we unite on each plane of expression, so do I draw closer to you until the last gap is bridged and I truly stand before you -- loving you as only I can for you are the other half of me.  The greatest gift from my Creator.
I shall attempt to help you understand more as you sleep.  Soul shall speak to soul, the truest language and the clearest, and you shall wake with more clarity of my words and meanng.  You have only to remember your own reality to know mine.
Vasu, bor um tas dos vicis (beloved women of our hearts)  Sleep well now.
* As in Tonti (Masculine Principle) & Alonti (Feminine Principle)   = whole or Holy Spirit
                                       Copyright (c) 2010 A La' Lansun
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