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The Tonti Conection
By: A La Lansun

 A Walk on the Wise Side 
Monday, November 08 2010

The ease with which recognition comes may not indicate heavenly favor or exceptional talent at all.  It may be that it is the first time the entity has explored a talent, and to set the entity firmly on the path every advantage is given to develop a talent.

However, before its expression is considered "locked in" a life may also be lived at the opposite pole of experience -- a life in which every obstacle is placed in the way of expressing the ability.

If the entity persists in spite of these obstacles, which may also come from within, the talent or ability has been so deeply incorporated into the soul nature that nothing will prevent its expression.  Only then is the talent considered a lasting, latent part of the soul, and the entity can move on to explore and incorporate other abilities.

The biggest clue as to whether it is an early  or latent expression is the depth and power of the work itself.  Top-of-the-head work cannot compete with depth-of-the-heart work.  History is replete with the lives of great souls who brought enduring beauty and truth forth against seemingly impossible odds.

We can witness "overnight" successes that upon closer inspection often reveal a decided lack of depth and maturity.  This will not be so if what seems to be an overnight success has actually been preceded by prolonged and sincere training and effort.  Such work will stand the test of close inspection when it finally receives well-earned recognition.

Rejoice with one in his/her first effort to establish a talent, but do not be misled into thinking that speed of recognition and monetary reward are always a sure indication of value.  Judge the work on its merit.  Do not praise the creator solely on the basis of worldly success.  For many great souls who bring inspiration and shining truths into this dark and dense world often depart from it before mankind is mature enought to recognize and appreciate their gifts.

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