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The Tonti Conection
By: A La Lansun

 A Walk on the Wise Side 
Wednesday, October 27 2010

  There is great strength in gentleness.  Jesus was a gentle man, but he was also a firm man.  He stood up for his principles and dared to expose the error he beheld in man.
   Yet he was a gentle man.
   Too often in our search for identity we overlook the strength of gentleness.  We are seeking so desperately to assert our true identity that we are often impatient with ourselves and others.  We must remember that the search for trurh is an individual journey.  There are no identical road maps.
   To meet the opposition gently does not mean to bow down to error.  Kahlil Gibran in The Prophet spoke truth when he said we are wrong to limp before the lame, deeming it kindness.  But neither should we berate them for their lameness.
   Those who have teachers or mentors in the invisible realms have only to observe their methods in dealing with us.  If the teaching is truly from a high plane of thought, there is great courtesy and patience shown toward our ignorance by those of greater wisdom.
   Yet never does a teacher of real worth lower his (her) vibration by contending with ignorance.  He stands firm in his own understanding and allows us to bang our heads against a truth until our door finally opens and admits it.  He neither condones nor condemns our ignorance.  He remains neutral, waiting in balance for our understanding to unfold.
   Can we as teachers, mentors, or examples do less? 

*   *  




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Monday, October 18 2010


In the symbolic language of dreams, a "house" represents a state of consciousness, where you are "living" at the moment. And a move to a higher state of consciousness will often be accompanied by an actual physical move.

To expect divine Light to act as a genie, instantly creating a better 'house' is to deny yourself an orderly unfoldment of greater insight and the fulfilling experience of participating in the creation of your new awareness.  You may move into an instant physical house, but you will not be at home there until your consciousness matches the new vibration.

Every 'house' must first have a firm foundation if it is to be secure.  And only you can lay the foundation for greater awareness by preparing your mental and emotional nature to receive and accept a larger insight.

If another desires to build a better 'house' all you can offer in the way of a blueprint is to share your own step-by-step construction effort that moved you toward your own increased perception and understanding.  You cannot build another's 'house' or perform the labor required to accomplish a true change of consciousness.

June 23, 1972

     I don't think you can ever convince anyone who does not have the imagination or desire to see beyond personal experience.  You could show an airplane to a primitive and he would explain it away according to his own beliefs as either the work of a god or a devil.
       This attitude is the most primitive of all, for it completely absolves the believer of any effort to understand or apply what a larger concept might offer.


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