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The Tonti Conection
By: A La Lansun

 A Walk on the Wise Side 
Wednesday, January 12 2011

There is something almost mystical about someone who can stand before another's verbal assault without hostility, without defense,  without rebuttal.

It has the effect of a sounding board, for very soon you hear your own contentious voice echoing in the silence.  Your anger is not energized if you do not receive a charge from the other person in retaliation.

The Masters of Light are experts in this form of meeting opposition.  A perfect example of this is revealed in the answer one woman received from her mentor when her defensive tendency was stopped in its tracks by his quiet response:  "You may be right."

At the same time she realized that in no way did he confirm she was right.  His expert choice of the word "may" took all the fire out of a potential argument.

It was in truth a "Mother Hubbard" response.  It covered everything and revealed nothing!

*   *   *

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Tuesday, January 11 2011

June 23, 1972

I don't think you can ever convince anyone who does not have the imagination or desire to see beyond personal experience.  You could show an airplane to a primitive and he would explain it away according to his own beliefs as either the work of a god or a devil.

February 17, 1976

Our awakening can be compared to the opening of a spring thorn-flower, with the bud of empathy first  unfolding within the protective sheath of innocence.  But once this sheath is pierced, bristles erect to protect the sensitive, still sleeping blossom.  One by one the protective bristles of guardedness must be folded under and rendered harmless.  Until at last the full flower appears, unafraid to be, unafraid to love.  Offering its essence, the nectar of unconditional love.

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Tuesday, January 11 2011

A singer who desires to hit a high note is taught never to slide up to it.  Instead, mentally focus above it and then immediately come down on the desired note.

To reach a higher vibratory level of living requires the same approach. Seek communion with the true self, the Light within, and all else will accommodate to that Self, even your physical expression.  A Chinese proverbe states:  Forget waist:  belt fits. 

In other words:  turn it from the top!  Do not strain to lift the vehicle to the level of the Self.  Let the Self take over the vehicle and any change required to fulfill your true purpose will be automatic, without strain or even conscious thought except to follow your inner impressions.

The personality's task is to allow your Essence to express through it. Once this is accomplished, the rest will be easy.  Why make it hard?  Why put the cart before the horse?

But first we have to know that we are much more than a body.

*   *   *

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