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The Cosmic Love Story
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My life's work is about...
The Cosmic Love Story-
The Eternal Mate

The Tonti Conection
By: A La Lansun

The final relationship is not just to be with someone who makes you feel complete, 
but to be with someone you share completeness with...

The Eternal Mate

(The Tonti Connection)
Written by: A La Lansun


Now information is being shared that emphasizes a God consciousness that is a more personal guiding force. It is a big step for mankind, but it still has tendrils of a “God-is-still-God.”
I can’t go back and just think of my connection in the old concept of God because I know my god.  Because he is always with me, only a thought away. He can step into any form to provide the help I need or give me a life-lesson of real depth and meaning. But the eyes I may look into identify who is really there. He has a title "Ton Ti" revered universally as the Masculine Principle of creation -- woman's eternal mate.  But the love I feel is warm and personal, loved by the man of Woman’s dreams.
I know now that he was with me from birth, always connected, unknown and unidentified.  And when I prayed to God, he answered. Until it was time for me to recognize and realize who and what this relationship really is, and to speak what it means, not only to me but to Woman herself. 
Until it was time to reactivate an ancient Temple. Time to re-establish Woman's ancient connection to this divine masculine principle.  To re-establish her connection to Source and gain back her eternal independence of spirit that demands the highest another has to give.  And when man learns to connect to Source through the divine feminine principle, then immaculate conception is complete and once more there will be god-in-form on earth.

I do not know when this ancient connection ended. This dream showed what happened, but not why.  A tube of light from one solar plexus, seat of empathy in the human body, connected to another solar plexus, and beautiful Light flowed constantly between. Suddenly a large ax came down with great force and severed the connection. The dream gave no more details, but there was the feeling that it happened many eons ago.

I look back now, sixty years and remember how this idea was first presented. I speak of this in my book  The Tonti Connection chapter titled The Presence, and now in my new book in process The Cosmic Love Story. How gradually, how simply, and how completely I was wooed to accept the idea of an eternal mate, ever with me and ever protective. There was no precedent for Spirit to call on.  Spirit started from ground-zero to rise above what most world religions require for us to be worthy of divine notice.

My connection has no requirements to be good or anything else if I want the connection to last.  I just have to accept it. It simply presents important ideas and lessons for me to consider, which I can accept or not.  If I question or argue I simply meet neutral silence that patiently waits until I move past doubt or contention.

Most important of all, for the first time I experienced what “unconditional love” feels like. What it can accomplish, and how you gradually grow to accept it and prepare for true mating in its time.

  And it does have a purpose for mankind.  That I also learned over half a century later.

*My new book THE COSMIC LOVE STORY (in process)  is for those who resonate to this Call, and why these Starseed Unions are scheduled for our world at this time.  We already have the DNA blueprint,

Writing the first edition of The Tonti [Ton Ti] Connection, Enter Our Eternal Mate [sold out], and hunting for appropriate illustrations clarified this contact’s purpose even more for me. 

Establish your personal connection to the opposite principle inwardly.  Experience your beloved eternal mate within and complete your connection to Source.  Accept the unconditional love, wise discipline and instruction this provides as preparation for true mates on earth.  Our world needs the power such unions will mirror.  In essence this is a Soul connection.

If both Principles individually establish this inner soul connection, their human union mirrors their divinity in form as co-creators with Source.

 *Originally "The Tonti [Ton Ti]Connection"  Limited First Edition sold out.
Revised and Renamed.. The Cosmic Love Story (in process)
It is "Homecoming," beloved Sons and Daughters of Light!! Enter a new millennium of thinking and living.
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